Lilydale Warburton Trail

Allright guys i think we are long overdue for a Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail ride!

I think we should have one soon and do it on a Sunday so we can buy cheap train tickets and poor Des will be able to ride with us.

Do the normal thing meet at Fed square and catch a train to lilydale, or for those that live out in the sticks like me can just meet at Lilydale train station when the other fairyies arrive.

I am thinking we should do it on May the 4th or 11th but am happy to hear suggestions. If people are willing to pay for a more expensive train ticket and go on a saturday i am happy for that too. I was thinking of meeting at 9am on a Sunday or the normal 7.30am on saturday for 8am departure.

What do you guys think…

Keen to do this but can’t do either of these, BTW the BV forum group are doing an overnighter 10th/11th. The way out is a pub crawl!

Sounds like a great idea Damoh. I’ll be up for it.
28c tires the way to go eh?

Do fine with 23s

You can now buy a 5x weekend daily for $14.50. Valid for zone one and two. Works out to be the same price as a Sunday Saver (14.5/5=2.9) but you can use it on Saturdays as well.


Ok guys would anyone want to do a Saturday Lilydale to Warbuton ride on the 10th May? How does this suit?

Meet fed square at 7.30am catch a train to lilydale about 8am, or a short ride to morning coffee and breakfast then catch a train to lilydale?

i could be keen. how long is this ride?

35km one way so a total of about 70km, but its all pretty much dead flat

yea, why not. count me in.

You mean false flat.


The bit from Wandin up to Mt Ev isn’t ‘dead flat’

Oh my god it only about 0.05% degree besides trains dont go up hills :stuck_out_tongue:

It is none the less a slope and a very long gravel one at that, I may even come out of retirement and see if I can skid the entire length of it :evil:

I suspect I have a different relationship with gravity than most forum members