Line of Sight trailer

Just saw this. Been so long since I saw a fixed gear film that didn’t come across as total self-indulgent crud. Impressive … and some fkn ballsy riding.

stolen from here: Line of Sight Trailer = Holy Crap!!! | Spoke Magazine

Sorry if its a repost.

felt a little sick watching it. some lines were flat out less ballsy/more stupid. but will watch (and pay for this as well), brunelle films circa 2006 were just about the only urban fixed gear videos on the internet, nice to see something proper being done with the reels and reels of dv tapes and files he must have accumulated

wtf is up with the shooting?

Some absolutely stupid/mental riding in that.

I thought I took a few risks in traffic… I’m a 6 year old girl compared to some of those guys. :confused:

Watch it at your own risk. This is a wank.

Yup pretty wanky.

can’t get behind this, the trailer looks like it basically just glorifies riding like a fucking arsehat.

just put mash on and have a party instead.

That’s actually what we did.

Their idea of crossing the road is just ride across and wait for cars to stop for them, hmm skillfull.

yeah and what with the guns?

I laughed when one crashed on a tram track - “the most skilled urban riders” - righto.

He’s attempt to make a bike chase movie in Guatemala, pretty pretty bad.

Saw the whole things and the shit these guys do is fucked. One of the Alley Cats in Copenhagen looked fun, because it was different.

wouldn’t say it was a total wank, the in-race footage was fine. though didn’t realise what an annoying show-off bobe jr was, and only beat the other two guys because of some crashing dismount and dash to the finish. also seems like monstertrack was really poorly set up that year.
Reading Brunelle’s “about” section on his website it seems he has a bit of a struggle fitting in with society in a legal sense. probably lucky it wasn’t really weird failure like mr brainwash and his attempted banksy doco.

The in race footage was good, but the talking heads in between and at the end were terrible. The shooting scenes were also very cringe worthy. We did spot Lane and Safa in the CMWC section.

Banksy manufactured Brainwash didn’t he? I thought that Brainwash was never making a doco; Banksy created the character to make the film…

i don’t know, but brunelle made me think of him because of the way he seems to define his character through his filming of other people doing dangerous/illegal stuff.

God a couple of years ago foa would be all over this. Must be the sensible beardo influence…

The first forty was a good wank, exactly what I like, but then it just turned sour and I tuned out until the end.