little bit of carnage at the tour of gippsland yesterday.

Lakes Oil Tour of Gippsland - YouTube

None of them seemed prepared for a corner

Any word of who went down and if everyone is okay?

“You fucking idiots”

yeah, see, what they’ve done there is, they’ve gone and fucked that right up.

The first bloke just goes straight

Classic Roby.

This is even better when said in Rolly’s Sean Kelly accent.

more info here, including some sweet footage of the sprint finish. kinda gives you an impression of how fast they’re actually going:

Lakes Oil stage 3 Feature - YouTube

GPM rider bleeding on the ground… bet nobody except trent wilson really gave a shit!



you working this one, bates?


pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty… good

Love the typo at the start of the video.

no m8