Little details from your day.

What shit has happened to you today…?


Booked flights to Tokyo for June / July next year.

Playing a show with My Disco tonight.

Done very little work.

What about you?

Should have done a heap of work on a uni assignment but didn’t.
Instead I built up an old Healing track frame and did some work on my bike polo bike. So therapeutic. About to go into the city and dodge some traffic… just for kicks. :smiley:

Don’t worry Skippy - your lecturer will understand a good excuse like that! :-o

Designed two catalogues, three t-shirts and 5 ads

Crashed my computer twice

leaving work early to go to the bike store and get some new bars

good day! :slight_smile:

looked at the standard deviation for a lot of the measures i use at work.

thought about possible anal cunt song titles about the US election.

Rode to Toorak at lunch to get my Swedish work visa in my passport. Hills.

Found MD5 encrpytion class for AS3. Matching it up with PHP’s native one at the moment.

Dreaming of beer.

Had a boozy 4 hr lunch, checking some changes to some of my ads then I’m off for the day

Dreaming of beer.

Me too, me too.

I kind of walked around the office all morning pointing at things and trying to look important.

This afternoon I have been in the lunch room watching the cricket.

I drew a really cool picture of a plane dropping some bombs on a tank. There are bits of dudes going everywhere and explosions. The bullets from the tank look a bit like the same way you draw wee.

woke up :-o

updated my blog :slight_smile:

rode to my studio in the city :smiley:

left Tally some stickers he’d order ages ago at 239 flinders lane ( hope he gets em ok ) :?

had to leave my studio in the city to go a stupid fucking work thing :frowning:

goin home later to see my girl :smiley:

Woke up. Coffee. Photos. Scotch. Sun. Tried to build a wireless proxy server. Failed.

Got to work at 7 (sweet sunrise), took some vital signs and blood sugar levels, gave out a heap of drugs/meds, talked a lot of shit to two guys that had shoulder-cuff-rebuilds and a lady with a fractured hip. Rode home the long way in the glorious sunshine and didn’t have to throw my biddon at anyone. Currently listening to Queens of the Stone Age, waiting for the wife to get home.

was it Epic fail or catastrophic fail

Before or after the “QUAALUDES!!!”?

waiting for the impending tap on the shoulder…were in a recession son, we have to let you go. Thankfully Im fine for the time being so we had a boozy lunch

Fvckin credit crisis…give our clients money you tight arse banks so we have some jobs to do.

Epic. Built the whole damm thing and then couldnt find the power adaptor. :frowning:

Almost got killed twice by cars not checking the bike lane before turning left.

Bailed from school to go and get coffee with mates. VCE isnt THAT important is it? :smiley:

Had a fire drill at work, I’m floor warden so people listen to me.
Impressed my boss with this dope org chart I did in 2 minutes.
Looked at photos of cars. I want an e30 318is this week.
Went past the bike shop and got a new chain, put it on my bike and its real noisy, but ill worry about it in a few days.
Did some washing and now I’m waiting for my girlfriend to get here so we can go to apollo bay for the weekend.
My mashXstussy shirt fits funny which is annoying me at the moment, the neck is oh so high!

I have one of those :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Got photos and a bit of a review?