little help here?

hey guys.
i haven’t ridden a fixed in 20+ years since i was messing in NY, and with the worlds coming up in Sydney, i thought now was the time to get back into it.
so i hunted around and found a track bike (comparitivly) cheap, and off i go.
of course i hadn’t remembered much so it’s all been a bit of a shock.
i’m now working on the damn thing doing 50 jobs a day up and down spring hill.
i’m getting stuff sorted out slowly. things like don’t try and run a 43/14 for the city. and that 43/18 is to easy. oh, and edward street is scary as hell when you have no brakes (i’ve since fit a front brake).
ok, so getting to the point. the most important thing i’ve found out/remembered is you need a lockring. if you don’t have one bad stuff happens.
so i REALLY need a lockring. i work in the city, i can get to anywhere in the cbd to pick it up, and i’ll pay in cash.
oh, and when/where are you all meeting for the saturday memorial ride?
and if rhino is the guy i met in the lobby of 255 adelaide about a week ago, yeah, it’s me…

lockring for a track hub or a freewheel hub?

  • joel

ah, yeah.
umm, track hub.
should have mentioned that shouldn’t i…

also should mention that my cel # is 0405 007 890 and if you call after 0730hrs, i will come. or is that if you build it i will come? or something…

rogaine at 255 Adelaide

Rhino’s the good looking one …

Rotafix your cog until you find a lockring - - holds up pretty well if you stay away from skidding/skipping agressively …

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

yes, i understand that edward st is scary as hell…

What rogaine said.

If you’re using a front brake anyway, just try to hold off on skidding until you get the lockring and you should have no problems. Easier said than done - for me anyway.

I’m sure one of the Brisbane guys will be able to point you in the direction of a decent bike shop, but if not, there are a few shops elsewhere in Aus that will happily mail you a lockring.

Alright, the brisbane crew is getting larger. I heard about a TUE night ride as well, along the bike paths of Brisbane (organised by MTB, but fixie can be done). Need lights, will give it a crap next week.

Soon…we will have an alleycat!

Alright, the brisbane crew is getting larger, this is great. Soon…we will have an alleycat!

umm, sorry.
i ran a messenger alleycat about 6 weeks ago, didn’t think to ask anyone else but messengers.
had 10 riders, 4 points for the manifest, lots of fun. set it up so everyone paid $2 each and the money just went into a bag and the winner got it, then we went drinkin’.
i was planning on running anouther one in about 3 weeks, open to anyone who wanted to have a go. not sure how many of you would want to compete since the last one was run on a friday through rush hour traffic.
i want to run the next one over about 8 points, maybe have a point in spring hill.
have any of you seen “red light go”? that’s what i want to get the brisbane ones up to. not going to happen i guess because theres only like 15 messengers in the whole of brisbane. still if we get some of the fixed and other weirdos in on it, who knows.
i’ve even lined up some sponsorship in the form of prizes and stuff for the one i want to run in august.
so who wants to race?

I am in for SURE on the alleycat up here, I don’t know my way around town but that don’t matter. Just PM me the start time and place and I will be there.

And I was getting all depressed that there were none up here!!!

By the way, where is the local courier pub up here?

Not sure I have the traffic/bike handling skills for an alleycat (yet) but am certainly up for the pub afterwards :smiley:

If you havn’t found a lockring yet, I have a spare at home. PM me and its yours!

Hi All,
Good to see there are other fixie riders in brisbane, the Tues night ride is definately do-able by a fixie (and i’m running 48x16)… I was very suprised when Rhino dropped in to MTBdirt and pointed out that theres actually quite a few fix riders getting around brissie. As far as I know the Tues rides are going to be regular and anyone is welcome…
See you all at the ROS tomorrow!


ok, so i’m a complete dumbass, and know jack about track stuff.
i think i’ve just found out that frack hubs come in different sizes for the reverse thread locking ring.
the one i got from inane with durace printed on it is too small to fit, and so i’m guessing it’s maybe a campag compatible or something. any suggestions?
of course the thing i’m most likely to do is just buy either a complete wheel to fit the locking ring i’ve got, or a hub maybe. i like the look of the surly ones.
or i guess i could just buy a campag track locking ring on ebay couldn’t i???
so am i right in thinking campag is slightly larger and is just doing ot to be annoying?

You need a campy lockring. Shouldn’t cost you more than about $15 I think.

I would’ve thought it shouldn’t be any trouble for a half decent bike shop.

so all i have to do is find a decent bike shop :slight_smile:
i’ll gt mine to just order one in i think, can’t be botered looking around for one now.

I think we’ve got it pretty good here in Melbourne, as far as parts availability goes.

You could call Dan. He should be able to help you.

a miche lockring will also work - they’re fairly cheap and can be ordered through your LBS from Llewellyn bikes in sydney.

  • Joel

Lockring to suit Campy hub. $20.
Post - no charge.

Just say the word.

0439 599 869.