live audio stream to innernets via android?

I want to feed a line level mic output into a smartphone and then to a live audio broadcast over the nets that people could point their phones to.

Anyone done anything similar in the past? Any android app recs?

Instarad maybe?

How do you add an audio input to an android device? Is your phone a breadboard?

EDIT: Probably TRRS hey.

I have absolutely no idea what you are asking.

Maybe Soundcloud, but it wouldn’t be live.




One of these:
4 Position TRRS 3 5mm Male TO 2X 3 Position TRS Female Headset Splitter Adapter | eBay

Patch mic into it, via pa line level output, then broadcast.

Must be live. No point otherwise.

instaradio was one of the ones on my shortlist.

(instaradio works ok, but there’s a ~1min delay from input device to receiving device)

No idea which app would work but i would def tune into DDCX radio.

What model phone?
What PA/mixer?

Have you looked at Livestream Producer? iOS and Android.

what are your latency & audio quality requirements?

Trying good old fm this time around