Livery Design

Some of the stuff they’re making is looking quite nice. Those mono-seat stays are hawt!

The adjustable stem is pretty interesting too.

they got some nice shit, prices dont seem to bad either.

bringing this back up, just released this on their blog today:


look very very nice to me. and fair price at 600US


Fork sets are gorgeous! Like to see one built up before an opinion about the curved down tube. Check out their stainless steel wing nuts - very practical and horn to boot.

wholeheartedly agree about both the slimmer forks, and those wing nuts; top stuff.
even some of their chain ring sets are super nice.

also would like to see the frame set built up, supposedly only available in 56cm at the moment. hopefully some smaller sizes sooner or later (for elven folk like myself).


Well it looks good built up, but I think it suffers a bit of an identity crisis - at least for me that is. Traditional stems with risers just don’t mix IMHO. It would damn twitchy too looking at the length of the wheel base and sloping top tube. Looking forward to some reviews from the street.