local chainrings

Me and some mates have new access to a 150000 CNC machine and are about start production on raw, paint and anodized chainrings. There is no limit to design and details and will be on ebay for $60. We aren’t 100% on specifics yet so feel free to post any ideas comments etc.

make a strong spline drive 30t+ and you will be in the money.

+1 to the spline drive.

gotta be have a reinforced insert or have splined and a hole for bolt up like the deity.

Any possibility of getting them custom made if we can design them and CAD them to your specifications?

What program does the CNC machine use?


you have to be better and friendlier than these guys

make 130bcd, 38t+ black chainrings and i’d be keen
what material will they be made out of?

I will kindly put my hand up to thrash a splined 34t,35t,36t,37t

or atleast offer something different.

what lewis said. seems to be a call for splined rings from the trrixxie crowd.
i’d only be interested in 130 & 144 bcd rings at the moment, silver, classic designs. CU kinda has that market covered, and have a good reputation (at least with regards to quality, if not customer service). You’d need to get word out about the quality of the things, maybe sell a few cheap on the forums, get some d00dz to thrash em and review them. It worked for BO Gear with their dildos strap-ons.

yeah sweet, we’ll be making them out of alloy to test but steel for the finished ones.
there aren’t going to be made in big lots probably like 20 for each design. if any of your guys use cad programs draw something up, we’ll be happy to check it out and possibly make a mock up

What aluminium & steel alloys are you going to use?

And will you harden them afterwards?

As nikcee said, you’ll have to top CU and that’s no mean feat.

Would be keen to test some for you if I can send a couple of CAD diagrams in.

DWG files okay? Any particular format?

Suggest you look at the possibility of pantoing the rings if you want a bit of a point of difference.


I don’t need any kind of chainrings at the moment, but good on you for giving something a go and I hope it works out for you.

I’m not familiar with CU, could someone educate me?

You just going to draw em up and spit em out?

if you would like a custom hand painted edition i would love to be involved.

i hand paint/ illustrate, and have done some velocity wheelsets, doing a solid chainring or 10 would be fun. some artedness colectability for your contemplation?

could give an edge to launching the product?

pm me if interested

Honestly it’s piss easy to make chainrings. Making them of top quality, and affordable is an entirely different matter and very hard to do.

Yeah hand painted would be sweet I’ll contact you when we are closer to a product.
We have all the time in the world and are not looking to make a handful of cash it’s more a how good can we make them exercise, I’ll get back with the program the CNC machine uses so thoughs of you who have a cad background can do your own designs