Lock Lobster 15" - 853 - MTB Melbs

Rock Lobster “Team Tig 853” Mountain Bike - 15" - Thomson, Shimano XT, Easton | eBay


Bit weird with the 3spd hub but what ever.

If only it was 19".

Reported for racist thread title.

I kid.

ha, they should spoonerise there name:

‘Lock Robster’ is way better

I am sure people know this but just in case… This frame is not actually made by Paul Sadoff, just designed by him then licensed to Merlin to build. Still really nice though.

Geo looks wacky - long headtube + steep HT / ST angles. Looks like it would handle like shit on the way down AND the way up.

EDIT: Also, not worth $2k even if it is a Wok Lobster.