Lock me up.

So I saw this fixie the other day on Spring St (or somewhere near there…?) that had been locked up with one of those D-locks. As I never used one of these locks my first thought was “What a stupid friggin idea” (cause thats generally what I think when I see something like this for the first time!!!), all you can lock together is the frame and front wheel, or the frame and back wheel, no room for both wheels and frame. Further more and because of this, the bike was just lent up against a poll with no way of using said lock to attach bike to poll. Aaaaaanyway it got me to thinking, ‘How many different locks are ther out there on the market, and who uses what lock?’ Personally I use one that looks like a pigs tail or a slinky, and it works great cause I can lock both wheels, frame and still go around a decent sized poll.

So what does everyone else use?

Slinky lock?
Length of chain with something to cover it?
Length of chain with no cover?
Old seatbelt? (Still confused about that one :|)
Bull Terrier?
Direct link to the national power grid?

Do you mean a U-Lock?

I use a big fucking chunk of chain and as an added bonus I get the super hot bike courier thing happening by tying it around my waste when not in use. The only thing missing is this

(with the peak turned up of course)

You can afford Rapha gear?

That it may be, but I chose to call them D-locks by the fact that the letter U has an open end as a D does not. Tomatoes or tomatoes? Meh…

Yeah I was just wondering if you meant the same thing.

This is what I use

Read more bout it from the site below if you wanna


Basically U lock is compact and light to carry it around. Can easily secure to most places if you get the correct angle, if you are still worry about the other wheel, you can use a flex cable to secure it. Do take note that the cheaper U locks are easy to cut using bolt cutter. :expressionless:

Those things cost a small fortune, as much as one of my bikes. I use a length of chain with a decent padlock.

one of two locks i use for work.

and the other is

which one i use depends on which one i happen to grab first in the morning.
had some people say the keys weren’t so great and had habit of snapping off, but these 2 locks are 3 years old, work 200 cycles a day, and are still perfect.
well worth the money.

another vote for the above - reasonably priced at Dean’s; you need to ask tho

Agree that those things cost small fortune, but losing a bike is a big fortune which I had experience before :x

I agree they’re a great lock, just can’t justify getting one for me. When I get better bikes I may.

I use 2 different locks. One is a big U-Lock with enough reach to lock the bike and back wheel to a pole and go through the front wheel and my helmet aswell. The other is a solid chain wrapped in plastic, bigger and heavier than the U-lock but it allows for locking to bigger objects. I’ve never been one to worry about front wheels, I don’t use QR on any of my bikes that would get locked up so it’s not really an issue.

Always liked the idea of one of these though…

Not sure why, just because they’re different I guess. I’d already have one if it wasn’t for the insane price tag, in the US it’s $70, which is pretty cheap really. But here, the retail is between 2 and 300?!?!?!