lock ring and cog

hey just curious just got a set of b43 with no LR or cog, and had my old star wheelset lying around so i took the LR and cog of them and put them on my b43 as i am not able to get to a bike shop this week to get a good quality set am i risking the hubs here or will it be fine for a week ? thanks guys

dunno, i reckon you’ll be fine. just run a brake, don’t skid too much. hard to say though without seeing the cog and lockring.

If you only need to go to the bike shop to get the cog and lockring, then you might be ok.

But if you need to go to the bike shop to get a chainwhip and lockring tool then you might be risking it. Meaning: make sure you tighten that shit properly.

AND +1 on:

yeah need a chain whip and lock ring just snapped my chain whip but yeah there on real tight. thanks guys

yeh, on 2nd thought: the less you ride the better.

yeah thanks alot guys