LOCK YOUR BIKES! Theives are out and about...

Lachie (Ugees) was in Apartment this morning buying some new threads. When he returned to his bike on Elizabeth street a hood rat was spotted legging it away from his bike. Little bastard was equipted with bulk cutters and nearly made it through his cheap $10 bike lock. He is know equipted with a kryptonite! So beware peoples, lock your shit. Especially the other couriers!

Set up a trap and punk the sh&$: then lop his fingers off with the bolt cutters.

this, my fine feathered friend, will get you in a lot more trouble than the hoodrat will have gotten in for tea-leafing your bike.

while i know violence feels like a good idea, the police definitely wont agree.

pretty sure some dildo tried to rack my ride whilst it was locked on russell street today. came back to the bike in a very unusual position considering how i’d locked it.

mmm i wasnt serious.

auto-tune their climbing in ur windows snatchin yo fixies up their try’n to rape ur shit so u should hide ur helmets, hide ur bikes.

This is what I thought when I read the title too.


Somewhat related to this. About 3 months ago I had a few bikes stolen from my garage… from the time of the incident to last wk I hadn’t heard from the cops. All of a sudden I got a phone call on saturday, they had caught a guy on the northside of brissy who had a heap of stolen bikes at his house. Unfortunately for me, my bikes weren’t there… But hopefully other people get there bikes back!