lockring pliers

Anyone happen to have a set of these they’d be willing to lend me to get a bb lockring off? I’ve tried using my crappy spanner but all it seems to do is slip and it’s starting to strip some of the notches. Willing to pay in beer. In Melbourne btw.

Cheers, Simon

This may be a dumb/obvious suggestion but have you tried a big flat screwdriver and hammer? Most bb lockrings will come off with this and minimal damage. Or is it a good one?

Shoot me a PM. I have Hozan lockring pliers, am located in E.Brunswick.

The notches do need to be 180 degrees apart though. If it only has 3 notches you’ll struggle.

Don’t hammer it with a screwdriver, you’ll destroy it. (voice of experience)

I go on hols end of the week, so act fast!

Thanks for your valuable input b_rad!

If he’s already using the wrong tool for the job and stripping the ring he might as well use the right wrong tool (ie the one that works).

Thanks Blakey. Pm’d.

how much do those things usually cost??
about $40 yeah??
might get one…