Hey all,

Is there any chance the lockring unthread itself or break in half when u do a massive skid.?? High chances?


possible, but not really a high chance.
as with everything, check it when you check everything else.
funny story, on the mall to mall ride on saturday brooke pulled up at the 10k mark and showed me the freely spinning cranks on her fixie. i thought she’d stripped either the main thread, or at the least the locking thread.
turns out that the sprocket she’s using isn’t quiet as wide as the threaded section it goes on, so when the sprocket is rotafixed on, and the lock ring done up tight there is still about 1mm of gap. during a longish downhill skid she unwound the sprocket and we thought it was stuffed. got it sorted tho. she now runs the sprocket rotafixed with a standard thread BB locking ring to take up the space, then a reverse track locking ring to stop it all unwinding. that lot ain’t going nowhere!
so do it all up tight and put your life in the hands of fate, it’s all part of the rich tapestry that is fixie riding.

What Lupine said. Do your lockring tight and you should not have any problems. When you first install you lockring, check it everyday for a week. Then check every week for a month. After that, check it once a month (or more if you wish).


No worries buddy…i will go get myself a lockring today.

Would I be correct in interpreting that you were asking (in a roundabout way) if you should install a lockring for skidding?

There’s a high chance of the cog unthreading itself without one!

(even if you did rotafix your cog)

Vee dub … it would be good if you clarify your intentions from your first post for the interests of your personal safety as well as those of others reading this thread.


Massive skid to slow/stop, or massive skid for fun?

you are much more likely to loosen your sprocket slowing down or stopping suddenly than by skidding for fun (assuming you unweigh your rear wheel when skidding for fun). What happens to the lockring once the sprocket loosens, is pretty much (as Lupine suggests) luck :slight_smile:

if you are using a track hub then as you skid the lockring tightens as the cog loosens and pushes against it. it is threaded opposite to the cog. this is why it is safer.

if you are not using a track hub then it is just another safety measure and could possibly (doubtfully) unscrew.

Not to scare you but it did happen to me quite recently… most likely caused by abuse and neglect on my behalf and not the lock ring itself

well yer my intention is to see how dangerous to ride without a lockring.
I just got one i am going to install it tonight and practice my skid.

My bike at the moment has no lockring so I wouldnt have balls to pratice.

Lockring is good - Correct decision.

Death and/or stuffed frame stays from wildly loose chain and cog is bad.

Hope you have been riding with a hand brake in the mean time. Make sure you get the cog and lockring on TIGHT before you start practicing. Most lockring failures happen bec it is not installed properly.

Me reckons with a ‘proper’ ‘fun’ skid, there should be fuckall load on the lockring. Different for e-braking though. But i think someone already said that.

Got my lockring installed last night. Did some skids feels quite funnny that sounds like the cog is unthreading but suddenly regain thread again, i think the lockring come into action when the cog untread it to the left and tightens up the lockring am i right??

That should not happen if you’ve installed your cog and lockring properly. Sounds like your cog was not on tight enough before you installed your lockring. Basically, the cog and lockring should not be moving if you’ve got them on right.

Take the cog and lockring out of the hub. Clean up all the threads. Apply alittle grease to threads. Install cog on TIGHT (rotafix is a good method). Install lockring on TIGHT. Make sure that the lockring actually contacts the cog. If it doesn’t, you’ll need a spacer somewhere in between. This should solve your problems. If you’re resisting alot, make sure you check your lockring regularly to make sure it’s still on there tight.


Are you using at least a chainwhip to tighten the cog and lockring up?

Using one would is essential to be able to say that the cog is on ‘tight’

Regarding lockrings, or mine which has a tendancy to pop off recently.

Hit a hard e skid today, the locking didn’t pop off but felt the cog unwind alot. I thought the cog was rotafixed on and the locking ring was on as tight as I could get it.

Luckily I had a lockring spanner in my bag but even after riding the cog on hard tightening the locking ring didn’t seem to do anything and at a certain point the cog itself went with the ring. Personally I have a feeling I might have damaged the thread of the hub and thus loosened the lockingring…any ideas to get it to stay on tight? I thought lock tight but that could be a problem later if I want to take the cog and lockring off

Spacer. Are your cranks on the correct side of the bike?

Thanks for all this help…Yer i used a chainwhip to tighten the cog and the lockring spanner for the lockring… I guess i shall do it tighter and old grease clean up.

By the way, How tight should I tighten it up…? finger tight or crazily tight?


Another questions…
There are two type of lock ring…one with Lip and one w/o Lip…I am using one without lip does it make any differences??