Locks that work

With what seems like more bikes and parts being stolen maybe it is time for a users guide to the best locks on the market for both primary (locking the bike) and secondary (for wheels/ seats/ seat posts)
Best value for money, longevity etc?

Maybe like this:
Locks that work - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed
but based on what is available locally.

Also tips for securing saddle/ posts/ wheels.

Thoughts on this mods?
Feel free to rename/ move/ delete

Saddle/posts - run a length of old chain through the saddle rails and around the stays and link it back up. Wrap electrical tape around it for a tight fit, that won’t rattle, and no one will walk away with your Thompson/Concor set up !

Super glue ball bearings into the allen heads of all the bolt on your bike. Just have to use some acetone to remove the glue and the ball will fall out. Bit of a pain but if the situation gets that bad…

Or if your not so industrious and want an off-the-shelf option (Like I did), Kryptonite makes a good long braided cable that you can use with your Mini-D - loop in your wheels, saddle, helmet (not by the straps). And the cable makes a mini D more versatile too in that you can lock it around big things too. Only downside is a bit of time faffing about when locking up. And if a thief is equipped and really intent on getting your wheels, these cables won’t stop em.

The best style of lock in my opinion is a beefy chain and padlock. You can lock up securely to big things like lamppost (which you can’t do with a D-lock) and you can lock in your front wheel too. I have this and its great: Abus Discus. Its long enough to comfortably wear over one shoulder or around your waist and its tuff as fuck. I’ve also had one of these: Steel-O-Chain. But I don’t rate them as they’re too short to wear over the shoulder and really tight around (my) waist, and the lock was not great (sticky, etc).

But the thing is this: If you have a bling bike then don’t leave it locked up on the back streets of Fitzroy at midnight. Simple. And probably don’t leave your mint bike locked with only your mini-D to a crowded set of bike racks at Fed Square anytime, unless you’re prepared to run the risk of having your nice front wheel or seat/seatpost being lifted.

From memory I was given the advice that you should spend 10-20% of a bike’s value on a lock (that was in the UK but the same still probably applies here, no?).

One last thing. These locks are shit:

I have a shitty $10 tioga D lock, which I used for the second time ever at the uci track champs.
I don’t really ever lock up and leave. I did it at the bezza once though, rode home drunk, nothing stolen.
I like the chain ideas though, I’ll make myself a leather and chain one soon.

I just bought one of these:

A little wankish but it’s pretty handy if ya ask me. I hardly ever worry about my bike now.

Another alright way to prevent a stolen seat post is to use candle wax in the allen key holes… althought all the theif needs is a lighter but i’m pretty sure that’s all they’d need for the ball bearing and glue trick too.

This is a nice trick. I think these little things make all the difference. Most theives are just opportunists, so if you make things hard for them they’ll move on to something less complicated.

I’ve heard that theives can use a wheel jack to pry apart a D-lock. But the shorter D of Mini-Ds provide so little space between the bike frame and post which it is locked to that this is almost impossible to do this to them.

yeah and also put your lock as high on your bike as you can. The closer to the ground it is the more chance they can use the ground for leverage.

at work i lost my keys for my $30 kryptonite D lock it didnt take much to unlock it , i guess for $30 you would expect that , i wouldn’t use one if i was leaving my bike outside for a long period of time …

that looks pretty strong

yeah and pretty fucking heavy…

I remember reading a thread on a forum somewhere in the past like this. A copper chimed in with the advice that a thinner type cable(5mm<) was actually the hardest to cut cleanly with bolt cutters,and caused too much hassle. The beefier the cable or chain the easier it cut. I guess a decent set of bolt cutters would see to a padlock shaft any way.

how do those knog sausage locks stack up? will they actually stop someone intent on stealing your bike, or are they just a pretty deterrent which you can match with your lights?

they don’t look that strong , i guess it all depends on how well the locking mechanism holds up , the cable it self may be strong but its usually the securing part that fails first …

just stumbled across this set up , would be good if used not just on your rim haha

^I have one like that except it is chain inside a materiel they use to protect the cable in the cable locks. No stolen bikes.

Look like trendy (& wimpy) version of the Abus Steel-o-flex. I’d be going with a brand that makes locks not goop.

The ABUS ones are rated 9-15 on the security scale, Knog don’t state on their website what their’s are rated.
I’ve been using my ABUS for a few years now and still have my bikes.

ABUS rock. I’ve got one of the higher end GRANIT U locks and it’s stood the test of time. Very heavy but worth it:

The Knog locks look really easy to break

Kryptonite Mini D and 4 foot Krypto cable. From Wiggle, good insurance. But the best insurance is where you lock it up.
Just use common sense because if a thief wants it they’ll get it no matter what!

Apparently BikeRadar cut through the Knog in under a minute… not surprised.
Knog Kransky Cable Lock Review - BikeRadar

Worth reading for some of the other reviews. Krypto NY lock and ABUS Granite get good reviews. They’re hefty, but so is the billl for a new bike !