n00b here, was probably gonna buy a bike next week.(probably a gran royale lurker- unless you can talk me out of it) what locks do you guys use/recommend?

krypto mini.

X2, with a kryptonite cable to thread through your wheels.

One of these at my house to lock things to solid objects.

It weighs more than my bike, so it sucks to carry around.

I use one of the older models of these as my day to day lock. I wear it around my waist and can lock to almost anything with it.

I can’t really see the benefit of a krypto mini other than hanging it out of your pocket and looking cool.

x3 for the mini

that won’t fit around my waist. haha

any comments on the lurker?

when you get that gran royale, giz a review/post some pics.
Kinda want, you know?

Abus Raydo Coil Cable Lock

I can recommend this.
Rated 8, fits around your waist, no screwing with keys, dial lights up at night.

I din’t buy it there though… os of course.

Kryto Mini Evo and Kryto cable both from Wiggle for under $100 delivered. Can’t go wrong really.

I’m using this at the moment. Security rating of 10, fits around your waist. I also use this if I’m locking up in the city. Safety rating of 15, not too heavy and decent price.