Great story with some older cyclists to help humanise the division. As a cyclist myself I am appalled at the latest growing fashion of young bucks riding faux track bikes on the roads.fixed gear and brakeless, yes that’s right no brakes.They use footpaths, run red lights and generally display blatant disregard to all road rules and sneer at other cyclists too.A link to the local chapter found here,19.0.html These alleycat races are a rafferty’s rules dash through city streets at night without lights or brakes. it is high time the SA Police start becoming aware of these idiots and cracking down on them.Maybe the Advertiser could do some research and expose these racalcitrant clowns who bring law abiding cyclists into disrepute.Track bikes belong on a velodrome, not the streets.a bike shop in Nth Adelaide is making quite a tidy sum from building and promoting this stuff to irresponsible idiots who use the road with no respect to others.

Posted by: Delta cylist of Adelaide 6:00pm October 29, 2009
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young bucks! rafferty’s rules!

when i was your age we wore an onion on our belts, because that was the style at the time.

I wonder if that’s the same “Delta” that posts on here as well and the London Fixed gear and Single Speed forums?

If so, it’s pretty fucked.

Just got a PM back from the “delta” that posts on here and on London FGSS, it’s not the same dude.

LOLZ again…

delta cyclist facepalm do you really think undercover police resources are worth using to infiltrate a group of kids who ride bikes around? don’t worry about the murders and rapes? i dont recall that they have injured/killed anyone and i doubt they will. i am a professional cyclist of over 15 years and these guys can handle their bikes in traffic far better than me. what’s next, infiltrating skate parks to arrest kids on skateboards with no brakes!
Posted by: mega head of 8:43am today
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racalcitrant :?

Help me out here.

Main Entry: re·cal·ci·trant
Pronunciation: -trənt
Function: adjective
1 : obstinately defiant of authority or restraint
2 a : difficult to manage or operate b : not responsive to treatment

I think he’s saying we’re difficult to manage or operate. :smiley:

i don’t know what he’s worrying about, he’s probably home in bed asleep when most of us are out riding anyway.

i like how nothing about fixed gear bikes is mentioned in the new article.

Hey Delta, shouldn’t you be posting on the London FGSS (fixed gear and singelspeed) forums instead of posting inane comments here? PS: I always rub/rock/palp front and rear lighst at night. I’m not crazy.
Posted by: VeloDRONE of Adelaide 9:04am today
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Sorry Delta! :oops:

I am Zoltan the Recalcitrant!
Bow down before me!

Soo… bike riders are like women now and should have come with operating manuals?

What on earth was the douche replying to anyway?!

Nothing, he just went on his own little rant.

Fuck knows how or why he brought this forum into it.

It pisses me off because he’s specifically targeting maybe 15-20 riders in Adelaide (and yes, I’m one of them).

be careful what you write on these forums now, we’re been watched :roll:

the most dangerous riders in adelaide are the oldies with beards and in fluro vests riring bikes with panniers (like this guy and most other bike sa heroes) who wobble around in the middle of intersections because they cant get going from the lights. then they snake in and out of parked cars instead of just holding a straight line. now i am starting to get angry again.

Most dangerous riders anywhere are those less than ideally competent. Of course, it’s like driving, the only way to get better is to practice. Doing it once a week for your Sunday morning “exercise” don’t cut it though. Bring on utopia, then I won’t have to deal with some fuck knuckle who’s found something to complain about everyday!.. sigh

I love that the Adelaide ‘Meets’ section represents the ‘local chapter’…makes it sound so gangland! :evil:

It reads like either a ‘shit stirrer’ or someone from a different bicycle shop in Adelaide…
BTW I don’t endorse “illegal racing” either! It is very bloody hard to get organised, sanctioned racing on public roads and people doing it illegally makes it even harder I’m afraid. Note if (when) someone (3rd party) gets hurt, they will come after the ‘organiser’ in a major way…criminally and financially.

I feel like I’m helping run some sort of KKK thing, but you know, with out the racism and hatred.

hey bro, can you bring ‘the stuff’ to the chapter meeting next week?

The irony is, we were having a laugh over the Megabike rules before we rode on Tuesday night.

Do you think? As far as I’m aware alleycat organisers don’t take out public liability insurance.