Lols, non bike related

FULLY SICK, STREET LEGAL Mitsubishi Express 1992 LWB (eBay item 230542966486 end time 01-Nov-10 12:40:34 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats

Didn’t know where to put this, but posting so you can lol as I did.

oh god. that’s hilarious. especially the questions, including “is it actually for sale?”

Haha, this is rad. Thanks for giving me a reason not to study for another few minutes!

Optioned with: Tow bar, Bull Bar, Cargo Bar, Mars Bar

DISCLAIMER (This car has no affiliation with any movies what so ever, there are no police products on this vehicle and secret compartments maybe either too secret to find or non existent. The “tin can” acoustic properties of the van provide the concert style “Almost surround sound” TM. Snoop dogg or the saprano’s have not endorsed this vehicle, Mars Bar not included)

Mars Bar not included, lol