London Advice.

Thinking of moving to London in a few months. Currently living with the wife in Paris. Anyone lived there before, Pros and Cons. Advice on good areas to rent. Even if you knew/know someone currently living there who i could bounce some questions off, would be greatly appreciated. I tried looking for a thread about london but had no success. Thanks in advance.

Man, I could write an essay about the pros and cons of living in London. I guess the thing about London is you can be in a cool area, let’s say Shoreditch, then cross a street and fear for your life!

I lived down south in Balham, really enjoyed it - only 30 minute ride into the city, still good public transport connections and some good parks for a bit of open space. Clapham is similar, but you’ll be surrounded by Aussies - that can sometimes be a positive or negative!

If you are interested in getting a place south of the river, hit up Nelson Real Estate, they can usually take you around to a few places to check out.

It’s a rad city, just remember to get out of it once in a while.