London Fixed? - where to find cheap frames/parts?

Just arrived in London and there are bikes EVERYWHERE here. Which i assume is the cause for the over priced bikes - market demand.

ie went down to Elephant & Castle Re-Cycle and even a rough old 27" 80s 12 speed is going for 200 quid. ~ $500.00

which seems really expensive given you can geta Surly Steamroller new at Brixton cycles for 300 pounds.

Does anyone know of somethign like the nunnery in London?

brick lane market, sundays. innit.

bikes are hotter than the breakfasts.

starting earning pounds and you stop converting to aussie pesos.

I lived round the corner from re-cycle.

yeah i hear you can get cheap bikes from Brick Lane on Sundays but that they are pretty much ALL Stolen bikes. So I’d prefer not support that industry…

I think i’ll just have to shell out some cash on a Kona Paddywagon or Surly then

second that. NO to brick la market…everythin there’s bit dodge. do not support the bike theft industry. it’s bad as it is.

loads of people try to offload their bikes/parts in gumtree’s good as well…and sometimes you can still get lucky off

what/where/who’s the “nunnery”?