London To Paris - Melbourne Premiere - 4th March

What: London To Paris
When: 4th March
Where: Collingwoodworld, Smith St, C-Wood
How much: FREE

I know for some of you the thought of a bunch of hipsters riding what are considered normal distances for some of the bike world to be less than interesting (and scornworthy) but I’ve heard enough positive reviews about the film that I wanted to see it.

Seeing that no-one else had sorted it out TeeCee Events (aka Trigger and I :roll:) went ahead and lined up a screening at a bar that has been kind enough to offer us some beer specials and indoor bike parking (TBC).

There will be a flyer with all the relevant details (address/time/what colour hat is cool this month) soon…

It’s the Thursday before the long weekend so there’s even more of an excuse to stop by, catch a free film, have a drink and spend a little time catching up with other bike dorks friends :slight_smile:

sweet nice one nik and trigger, sounds good

i’d come to hang out, but would likely make disparaging remarks through the whole film.

here’s me and pavlis doing something similar at the last Our Anatomy show:

Im almost tempted just so i can do just that.

you know what they say… 1 km on the road = 2km’s on dirt which = 3 km’s as a hipster.

see ya’ll there.

I take it you are going to the Our Anatomy Cd launch then (G-Tango are playing :-D)…

but heck, if your heckling is as good as it was at the IHeartHirosima show then you are more than welcome. that was some funny work!

Isn’t that the whole point of going to things like this?

Cool. Looking forward to the heckling, cheap beer and hipster home video. Will hopefully get me pumped up for Brewery Ride v3.0… :smiley:

i’d just like to clarify that i wasn’t heckling IHH, who are awesome, but rather some terrible support band. i fear that now that IHH have broken up their legacy will be the number of awful bands they played with, rather than their own true awesominity.

Really? Since when?

true enough, it was the support band…

and as an aside - as a teacher should you really be inventing words? i mean ‘awesominity’? :evil:

apparently shakespeare invented over 4000 new words (including ‘numb’). if he got to, then so do i.


Bike parking and beer specials confirmed…

i also watched the film last night and its not as ‘all-time’ as a cannonball run or vanishing points recent journey… but it beats watching bootleg sessions :evil:

Oh I don’t know if I’m gonna come man, cause like heaps of people I know will be there, and films about bikes suck, and I love bikes, and there will be beer and all, and we’ll be supporting a local business and shit, so yeah, like maybe I’ll come, but even if I do I totz won’t have a good time cause like these dudes filmed bikes and all… but if it’s on I might come and then let everyone know I knew about it before and all…

i’ll let them know.

what is it about fixed gear kids and filming themselves doing mundane tasks? i’ll watch their film, i’ll probably like it too…

sweet film~
when we organize a trip melbourne to perth~ :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


this thursday… come see lance do shots of tequila! :smiley:

i,m coming 4 shizzle,love a touring film.

You’re just taking notes for your own film aren’t you?