London to Paris Screening 26.1.10

Directed by Grace Ladoja, ‘London to Paris’ documents 10 riders from all over the world making the journey from London to Paris on track bikes to meet Lance Armstrong as the Tour de France 2009 comes to a close.

Trailers here.

Looking forward to this.

I can act like I’m best buds with all the English riders!

as stated on your flicker melbourne viewing needed,

JLN offered the contacts details of the producer to set something up but i got distracted by xmas/nye holidays and havent done anything :frowning:

i also figured that someone with closer ties to NIKE or the sneaker stores might have already been planning something so i havent pursued it as yet.

if theres enough interest maybe we can get soething together as im pretty keen to see it as well.

I have a copy of this now. Watched first 5 minutes this morning. Looks good. It’s a nice change having a narration of the story as opposed to the going down hills / doing tricks other films have (not that there’s anything wrong with that).


not happy i missed it hey

australia day got the better of me :frowning:

Thanks to everyone for coming.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Extra-special thanks to Sam for bringing his projector, lap-top AND the two screens. With out Sam none of the screenings would happen.

melbourne screening is brewing… i just thought i’d post that here to see if anyone from melbs is checking :smiley:

I am Nikcee!



before feb 19th please!