Londonfixiebike hubs

What you you reckon about this idea for a fixed rear hub:
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Looks like they might have created a nice little niche market for themselves out of their Shimano front disc hub hack…
Personally, I think it’s a bit messy and needs more refinement. Interesting though.

The idea to use a disc hub to carry a bolt on cog first came about in a couple of years ago.

Shortly after Boone started making custom Ti cogs just for this application. A while later, Level introduced their version of the bolt on hub/cog.

It’s a good idea for off-road fixed riding or if you already have an SS disc rear hub to convert. It’s not common, so getting parts will be harder. But otherwise, I like the idea of bolt on cogs better than screw on ones.


I asked the guys at cycle underground about these coz I have a stack of Magura pro front hubs that I was looking at doing some spacers to make them 120mm wide. If there is anyone that wants to make some spacers or even just do the drawings let me know and I will sling you a hub to get started.