Long distance worlds

In case you are not aware:


Saw more HED3s on (read:riding past) campus this morning than ever before :stuck_out_tongue:

Get your does of elite racingā€¦ and bike porn from 7am Sunday.

lol @ triathletes.

They always ride (slowly) down along the river side of UWA, so I can perv their bikesā€¦ I think

I like triathlons.

wow. Just rode to Uni and back. Saw at least 5 Zipp disk wheels.

was amazing.

ā€œSperm helmetsā€ as I like to call them, are the best, I want one :wink:

Wondered what was going on, I tacked onto a little group of them the other day.

I gave them something to chase :wink: