Long time lurker, first time poster... frame guidance


A few years back I got on the bandwagon and uh, bought a Kona Bandwagon.

Here’s a little pic of the model for those interested:


Since buying it I’ve been perpetually upgrading parts, as you do, aware that not much I do is going to change the overall ride with a frame that is that freaking chunky, and heavy as sin (it’s basically a MTB with horizontal drops). It rides pretty smooth, and does the job alright. I use it only to travel to work and into the city (Adelaide —nice 'n flat) for — max 15km per trip.

For the last few months I’ve been scoping out frame possibilities, but I’m curious as to what I can expect moving from the frame I have to something sleeker, lighter, with a more, uh, aggressive stance (track geometry)?

So yeah, has anyone taken this model for a spin (or similar frame) and able to give me a comparison? — I’m a loner and have no friends with fixes to test-ride. :frowning:

For the record, I’ve been eyeing off Colossi and Leader frames (although there’s a lot of chatter online that doesn’t have much good to say about Leader). Looks are important, it is a fixie after all…

No one yet? Ok, you can expect a lot as its going to be a different bike. The Kona is nice, I like Kona, but its not a track bike. Meaning a track frame will of course handle totally differently. I can’t give you a comparison but you should be able to find a shop where you can test ride a pre built track bike fairly easily. Your are in Adelaide right? Go to Treadlie.
I don’t like Leader and/or Colossis but for no particular reason really. I think you wouldn’t do anything wrong with both. Leader has a lot to chose from. Treadlie can get All City’s eg so you may want to have a look at the Big Block, nice and proven bike. I ride a Soma and love it. Have a cheapish Charge Plug as well as my beater bike. A bit heavy but otherwise nice to ride. If you really only commute with it don’t put too much thought into it and buy whatever you like.

Check out the Gazetta frames by Cinelli for something at that $400-$600 range for a frameset, and if you’re looking at Leader, they have a new frame called Renovatio. I have one on its way from Gear Brisbane, can let you know how it goes if you like.

Surly Steamroller.

How much did you get that for? I was looking for that for a while now.

Thanks for your advice Marc, I’ll have a look into the Big Block. Looks nice, plenty of good things said about it. Does anyone happen to know the RRP on the frame set? Also, I had a squiz at the Soma frames — the Rush looks alright… I’ll go see Sam at Treadlie anyway.

if you’re looking at Leader, they have a new frame called Renovatio. I have one on its way from Gear Brisbane, can let you know how it goes if you like.

Cheers mdann, please let me know. I’ve been eyeing off the Kagero frame and saw the Renovatio but thought it might be too severe for commuting (it’s pretty much a Kagero with steeper geometry, no?). It’s a few more beans than I want to spend and I’d then have to bring all my components up to ‘Kagero’ level $$$. Still, it’s real purdy…

On the topic of Gear Brisbane, what’s the freight costing you? Their prices on frames seem good, but I’d be curious to know how the postage puts a dent in things.

How much did you get that for? I was looking for that for a while now.

Me? The Bandwagon? $700 about 2 years ago. There might be a semi-complete setup coming up for sale soon! :wink:

I think you have them mixed up, the Kagero has the negative top tube angle and is much more aggressive. The Renovatio has a horizontal top bar design, will be more comfortable for commuting than the Kagero, which is why I went that way. My current internet-special has similar geometry and I ride from Unley to Prospect and back for work and it’s pretty good on the back. I’m not exactly sure what the freight was, I contacted them after Leader pointed me their way, but the price was much better from within Australia than it is getting it direct from the company, that’s for sure! Send them an email I reckon :slight_smile:

Steamroller seconded. Or an All-City Big Block. Because, for now, either will make a sweeet fixay, but in 12 months when the beard starts itching you can whack on full fenders, fat tyres and a porteur rack.

Steamroller for road or Pompino for anywhere.

I actually have a Rush and love it. Hard to get though and a bit pricey in Australia.

Treadly can also get Kagero’s in. And Euride on Rundle have the Cinelli Gazetta’s.

I think Euride changed its name to Megabikes? I swear the sign is exactly the same apart from that.

How tall is the OP?
Nothing wrong with pomps but the Xlarge isn’t that large. ETT is ~59cm but head tube is a bit short so boner stem (or in my case super ultra boner stem AND spacers) may be required or BMX rizors for 6’ plus

I got an email a couple of months back; something about their partnership splitting. They both still exist, just seperately.

Other way round. They were Mega Bike, now Euride.

Ah yeah. I had that Kagero/Renovatio thing back-to-front. Dropped Gypsy at Gear Brisbane an email, he was real helpful. I’ll still go down and visit Sam at Treadly and check out what they have on offer. I see you’re in Unley. I’m on the east side too — I’ll keep an eye out for a pimped out Renovatio.

That all said, I got news today that I’ve an ugly tax bill to pay, so it looks like the new frame may be delayed a few months. Damn Gummint’.

Other way round. Opened the store as MegaBike, renamed to EUride last year.
They weren’t all hugs and kisses so is now MegaBike again.
Only the Rundle store.

Sam’s a lovely dude, he’ll help you out. I’m taking the new build in there for a few bits and pieces I don’t have the tools for here like cutting the steering tube down, and the last few parts that I couldn’t bundle with the other stuff I ordered online due to stock and so forth. They’ve got quite a nice range of prebuilt bikes as well as plenty of good parts too, and some refurbished older frames too. Very much worth a look. Let us know how you go and I’ll keep an eye out too. For the moment, you can spot me on the most bogan looking permanent-marker black frame with ridiculous gold deep v’s haha.

In a bit of an impulse purchase I snapped up a new All-City Dropout frameset for $200. Too good to pass up. Yeah, I know, not exactly the track geo I was originally talking about, but I don’t mind the bomb-proof FGFS look.

Will shove some pictures up when it all comes together.

mdann, how’s the build coming along?

Getting Elliott at Megabike to do the headset bearings, bottom bracket and cut the steering tube down tomorrow morning then it should be all done later in the day. So keen. Will take some photos on Sunday when it’s not hoofing down with rain. Any ideas on what you’re going to do with the All-City frame?