Look AL 464

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness obviously never had a brand new Look track bike. My new frame and cranks came in today so I thought I’d start a build thread. So far it’s just a medium frame and 170 cranks but I have a pair of reynolds carbon track wheels to go on and a pair of pro vibe bars on order. Still need to order lots of parts though.

More pics to come.

Ps any recommendations on seatposts/stems?

I’m in the process of purchasing one of these, will be running thomson stem and seatpost w miche tubulars

Everyone should stop copying me!

But seriously, they are amazeballs, top notch, something… something… give me a love glove!

I’m in love with mine and would love to buy another purely for street use.

EDIT: Just notice the Rotor cranks, so jealous as they’re what I want.

Gene has one and it is a flat out banger.

Oh man I thought I was going all unique with this one. It was this or a Bianchi D2. Btw rotor cranks are so sweet. Thinking about ordering matching stem and seat post from them. If you cost up the cranks, bb and chainring the rotors are cheaper than dura ace.

Wow, Rotors are mad! Sourced online or LBS?

There is a reason for that…

Genuinely curious about this!

Its all exchange rates. Anything DA track has a stupidly high retail in Australia. Cheapest I found was $550 for just the crank arms. No BB and no chain rings.

I had one of these, compared to my Cinelli it felt flexy.
Great frame though, good for longer rides as it’s really comfy.

Sweet build - see you at edwardstown / superdrome?

I’ll be looking for the big guy ripping skids down High Street then.

nice cranks

You won’t regret getting one of these!
I LOVE mine! It’s my commuter and it’s the total bomb!

Yep in cut off jean shorts

…are you building that up for street, track or both?

Cheers man, I’ll head to the Wednesday night superdrome sessions once it’s finished. Might do edwardstown series once uni has finished too if I can make it

Originally the idea was for street use but I’m keen to get back into track racing again so hopefully both!

Its a 464, street of course

*Sugino Grand Mighty NJS Cranks
*Sugino 75 Super Lap NJS Bottom Bracket
*Sugino ZEN NJS Chain Ring
*Sugino NJS Giga Track Cog (size 13T-16T)


That’s super cheap but I’ve already bought the rotors and I want a 17t cog. I reckon I’ll be getting chain and cog from track supermarket anyway