Look at it go

14 mins to go and just keeps getting higher. Wait for those last second snipes. Anyone wanna have a crack at how much it’ll go for?? I’m going to say 15…
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i’d be nervous as a seller, seeing a (0) currently winning…

Geez all the bids down to 7500 have the dreaded (0)

$16600 to a (0)

Winner has a (0) but there’s a proper bid at $16500. Mr (0) could be the seller getting max $$ on the second chance option.

aren’t you supposed to be back to the grind at uni now mr webster?

Definately looks like shill bidding to me… you can click on the bidder and see who they bid with… both ai and do have 100% of there bids with this seller - on this item.

Because they’re (0) and haven’t made a purchase before… doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the seller’s accounts.

In the end it went for what its worth, ebay has a habit of making this happen.

I can see how my use of “definately looks like” is somewhat oxymoric and confused you. Sorry.

If ai and do are shill bids, then no… it should have sold for $7653.

But you don’t know, and it didn’t.

Oh right - so you know that they aren’t, and therefore you know that $16600 it’s worth. Case closed.

$16,600.00 seems a little high. I guess we’ll see if it gets relisted tomorrow!

Yes you are right, it is case closed

What i do know that is It sold for $16,600

“until its relisted ;)”


From someone who contacted the seller:

“The seller tells me the bike is going to Asia. I don’t know if he got paid
yet, but I will try to find out.
Seller also tells me that he tried for months to sell the bike locally,
unsuccessfully. He was asking $4,000 and didn’t get a single offer.
Yes, there is a market for these bikes, but apparently its not in Arizona,
where the seller is located.”

Just like the financial world- a shift to Asia eh?

More millionaires in China than people in Australia.