Look kg 396

I have the chance to buy a look kg 396 track in France. It’s a size large, and I was wondering if anyone here would know what this is equivalent to? Or where I can find out?

What size do you normally ride?


will that help?

Thanks I think that gives me some idea. I think they may have changed the sizeing since the 396 as I found a measurement for a M 396 tri at that was 52
I usually ride a 54
and i’ve contacted look so i’ll see how they reply

You probably need a Medium then. I ride about the same size as you and a Large would be way too big.

Look sent me the 2004 catalogue with all geometries, and they didn’t make a large in track, only m/s/xs thy made a large in road but it’s only 56. It’s either a 54 or a 56 so either it should fit well enough.

Be very careful with look track frames as the diagram in the catalogue is for the road frame and that track frame is very different…

how tall are you?..