Looking at this makes me feel slightly uneasy.

vintage Modolo 777 twin stem Nos - eBay (item 230560113310 end time Dec-12-10 19:15:28 PST)

Excuse my ignorance but that looks like some kind of warped dildo.

is that a flexible stem?! great for climing…

The mind boggles…

I don’t know why, But i’m thinking how cool would this look with mavic zap.

Its length adjustable right? Not flexi.

That would make more sense!

DR Frankenstein in the R&D department at Modolo

Wowzers, defo lookin like a dildo. Do want.

looks awesome.
check the 'nago he’s selling as well. hoooolllllyyyyy shhiiiieeeeettttt!

Why did you have to say that? It’ll look equally as good with the Mektronic parts I have…