Looking for a good wheel builder in Sydney

Hey sydneysiders,

My front 650 wheel is getting old and need some new spokes. I am thinking of building it radial. Anyone know where(or someone) i should go in the estern suburbs area? of course i am looking a decently cheap and good builder.

Tom at Hell on Wheels?

He’s always done right by me.

Tom is good
Ben/Spirito at deus is good
Tarn @ primate is good.
Ash at MC in town is good

Ash works at Happy Wheels at Kensington now (if it’s the same Ash).
Where do you live?

Oh - it’s been a while. He builds a good wheel though.

Well i am living exactly between all these shops! i will go around and see who can do for the best price. Thanks guys for the help

Thanks for the props !!

I’m actually now working at Woolys Wheels down the road (shop floor, rather than workshop). Still moonlighting at Deus but only by appointment for custom builds or consultation (specc’ing/sourcing period parts). I build wheels from home but via secret handshake and I’m certainly not advertising.

To the original poster, I’d think less about price and more about quality/reputation of the person building the wheels. There’s wheel builds and then there’s wheel builds. The builder is as important as the components selected. What’s $30 more if it lasts you 5 or 10 years?

I’d also give props to all the builders mentioned above. All good suggestions.

Do it once, and do it properly!

Spirito speaks the truth… And he builds fucking sweet wheels… But he is a little selective.

If you wana save money then you have to do it your self…of course it’ll be pretty shit but it will be cheap…