Looking for mechanic work around melbourne

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a bicycle mechanic at a major bicycle store in Toronto for a while now (7 years) and am visiting Melbourne for a few months holiday. While I’m away I’m hoping to work as a mechanic in a shop. Even pick up 2 or 3 shifts a weeks to help pay the bills. If anyone has any comments, even about how likely an endeavor this is I would much appreciate it. Additionally I’m hoping to participate in some groups rides and such, I’ve been an active member of the Toronto fixed gear community and am looking forward to meeting some of the bike community in Melbourne.

Its gonna be harder going into winter - probably just turn up, be nice you’ll probably just get some casual hours.

Turn up, smile, take beer.

  • Joel

ah yes, you improved on my advice. +beer.

That’s how the last Canadian or Californian or whatever got work in my old shop.

  • Joel

That’s encouraging, I guess I’ll wheel around to a few shops when I get into down, I sent out a few emails but have not heard anything back yet.

Already a thread in the Melbourne section.