Looks like a fixed but not really

I have been thinking about building up my first fixie, mostly because I love the clean lines and aesthetics, but have this idea of taking a nice frame and fork, some Nitto TTs and… shock horror… something like a SRAM Nexus internal hub. Would anyone recommend a shop in Melb that might be open to this idea and be super helpful with such a project? Shifterbikes?

Shimano Nexus?

St Kilda cycles are into that kind of gear and are a friendly bunch. And of course there’s always Abbotsford Cycles.

rohloff hubs are very nice, 14 or so internal gears for $1600 :-o

Thx guys… I meant Shimano Nexus… :slight_smile: SRAM do have some nice if not heavy options

I have ridden an Alfine equipped bike and was inspired by the A.N.T. bike I saw at the Alfine display at 06 Interbike. But, Alfine is madly expensive.

That Giant looks nice but I have my heart on doing something mylelf… I was hoping I could use an STI to cover shifting duties, somehow…

Has been done with the SRAM 3 speed hub, not otherwise AFAIK.


I own one… my commuter bike when I’m too damn tired to ride fixed…

what about one of the new Sturmey Archer 3 speed Hubs?

It’s always an expensive project building a bike from scratch, I heard the new Mechanic at Pro-Motion Bicycles is into fixies maybe check them out for some advice. Im sure they could work out a cheap way of doing it. What bike nut isn’t into getting dirty with a nice custom project. :mrgreen:


My old one (dads,from 1962) still works a beaut!!
Or did till I pulled the bike apart?
must get it back together some time soon.

apparently the patents were bought by a company somwhere in asia to manufacture them. i’ve got one from 1962 too, it makes a high pitched grating noise occasionally, and shifts gear by itself sometimes, i think that part may be to do with the adjustment, but i fear that the grating noise may be a terminal sickness. i might pull it apart and convert it to 2 speed fixed, the low gear is far too low to be useful anyway.

years back I found schematic drawings on the net for the internals of a sturmey.
you might want to google for them before pulling it apart.

have you squirted any oil into the oil hole?

i’ve put a lot of oil in. it might be too thin, because a lot came back out again.

i finally got to rip apart one of the nexus hubs at the shop and i have to admit i’m actually impressed.
well made internals, good seals, nice simple(ish) arrangement for what it is, and it seems to be pretty overbuilt.
all round pretty good.
i shuold add that this wasn’t in for any work, the muppet who owned the bike wrote it off by parking it into a gutter at 40K. i just pulled it apart because i like pulling complicated shit to pieces.
so, yeah, for what it’s worth, nice hub.

Might be onto something there…?
Anyone tried hooking an 8spd Nexus to an Attack trigger shifter?

Kinda pointless admittedly with Alfine being available, but just curious…

Brainfade. Don’t mind me.

Reviving a dead thread - I read on another forum that running STI through a Travel Agent gives about enough cable pull to run the Alfine hub, a useful way to run a modern hub gear with drop bars. I’ve not tried it myself yet but it is tempting. Perhaps in a while.

mmm if it worked reliably, that could be a very nice option for geared townie/commuter.

Another idea I’d love to try one day: One of those new SRAM 3-spd hubs with an indexed down tube shifter - modified to only shift into three positions. Pete (yeehar) assures me that only the middle position needs to be spot on - the other two can go past and still select the gear well.

Pete is right and the SRAM hub will shift quite well with a friction lever. Unlike SA, there is no neutral but I suspect the durability could be compromised, eventually…

hmmm nice. such a set up on a bianchi pista or masi speciale would be sweet…

ok so i am pushing ahead with this project by hook or by crook…

set on either bullhorn bars or moustache… would there be any issues running internal hub type shifters on these bars?

on the bullhorns right at the ‘tip’ of the bar perhaps… straight enough…