Looks like Pinarello have finally updated their Pista frame

lot not to like there.

User coffee will be all over this eh?

Still prefer this one.

i will never be able to tell if you’re sarcastic or not.

i consider this an endearing feature

hey can i ride those wheels on teh streetz?

^^^ sure, looks like it has perfect gearing for street too :slight_smile:

photoshoot must’ve been in perth


^lolz. Good ten years of shredding on that then.

i think you mean this

Fuck what’s going on with FOA today, mid week blues?

I want some serious fucking critique of the bike otherwise GTFO

i liek the colorz but am upset that theirs no pedalz

Im going to start matching my socks to my bikes “colourway”!

First problem is shitty integrated bar/stem meh,

pedals are overrated


rest of the bike is nice, but not mind blowing

fucken go read cyclingnews then.

FOA - lolz or gtfo.

Fucking mods

Well I reckon it looks pretty sweet. Weird junction of the chainstay though all form no function I’m sure.

u srs?

probably designed in a wind tunnel by genius engineers who dgaf what it looks like, and its “all form no function”? cmon H, next you’ll be telling me the bottom bracket is too high

what? more aero, stronger, lighter, stiffer, less parts to fail, and yet somehow “shitty”

cmon guys, hatin for the sake of hatin?