Lorday's Bike(s)

Thought I’d make myself know around here seeing that I’m organising an alleycat (http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/t17892/#post333335) (with more to come).

I’m sure a few of you know me from around, or have seen my name pop up on a forum or two.
I’ve been into bike squite properly for about three years know, so I’ve gone through a ‘few’, but i’ll stick with my fixie(s) for now yo!

First was the ghetto fixie, bought it from a friend who works at a bike shop for nix. Here’s a few pictures from the for sale thread:

It lasted nearly a fortnight before I had dreams of bigger and better things. Painting it a slick cream, with plans for brooks, matching front wheel and other geneal nice things.

Fast foward some period of time and ad some abuse it starts looking like this

It only got worse before I twisted the fork, and bent the frame. Overall it was a shit bike, shit steel (hi-ten), soft, flexy, heavy. It did have a front brake for some time early on in it’s life before I binned it and broke the lever. Will miss her.

The Replacement.

KHS Flite 100.
Awesome colour:

Heaps stiffer, better fit but not so bad that you couldn’t ride it on the street. It was a street track bike and had rack mounts etc. Apart from the saddle which I’d liken to a cross between a rock and something uncomfortable it never felt right. Mainly the front end which I couldn’t get low enough (long headtube). It alway felt tall and steep and I just never really liked it. It also didn’t help that when the steerer tube wasn’t cut as short, I skewered myself and broke a few ribs.

With drops

With riser (cut real narrow)

Was sold to mate who really loves it. Runs a freewheel now though:

Most recent is my surly steamroller (current). Literally bought as a bike to fuck around with. Pretty much get changed around when I feel like fiddling.

Cause I’m missing a axle nut, and I couldn’t get my saddle level with the spare seat post.

Spec List: Top of my head
Frame/Fork: Surly Steamroller 53 Cream
Wheels: Velocity Deep V rear raw’d, will be the same for the front soon.
Cranks: Botranger Cockroaches (cause they wont die)
Chainring: Surly Steel
Chainring bolts: Raceface steel w/ single black alloy (blackburn or middleburn)
Rear Cog: Surly
Chain: Shimano hg73
Seatpost: Octane One (Purple baby)
Saddle: Brooks standard b17 (honey)
Headset: Crank creak s3 (w/ mparts topcat/starnut)
Headset spacers: Token Alloy (pink)
Stem: Raceface ride (60mm)
Bars: GT risers (cut)
Tyres: 25c gatorskins (kevlar front, wire rear)
Grips: All city track (pink)

She’s pretty:

CrMo. This stuff rides nice.

She’s a keeper. Cranks and current front wheel are off the orginal ghetto fixie.
New form coming soon.

Pretty sure that will get you arrested


el-oh-el !

Jesus that’s loose!!!

that’s what she said.

Surly looks good Lorday.

Here is my baby, she is 4 years old, first big purchase when I was a kid (only the frame is left though). This is the result after, 2 broken derailers, 2 broken hubs, 2 cracked rims, 1 flatspotted rim, 1 set of bent cranks, 4 snapped chains, 1 set of clapped out forks etcetc (thats all legit just can’t be assed to list all broken shit)

Spec list of the top of my head, ready, go.
Rockshox Recon Race, Thomson post and stem (90mm), raceface deus bar, esi grips, elixer r sl, other is elixer 5 while the other r sl is out of action, hope bar ends, slx cranks (170mm), xtr race pedals, Fizik Gobi XM saddle (kuim rails), sram pc something chain, blackspire chainring, middleburn bolts, wheels are hope pro 2 (ss rear), stans aplline rims, revo spokes, pro lock nipples, with sb8’s 2.1" F+R, hope head doctor.

Will be finished with a FC EBB (eventually).

I like this bike.

forgotten the “inala twins” already az?

Ok well not as loose as they are.

Steamroller at RAW track tonight. Needs longer stem. 110/120mm 31.8mm clamp (os) stem anybody?

Looks good man, glad your track experience was so positive!

…just incase you were wondering what a 130mm stem looks like.

double post much?


Picture from a little while back. Farvourite bike (with all the others)

KINK APEX (2010)

This is one mean looking steamroller. Are they Rhys’s old wheels?

Yes sir they are. Completely stoked on the bike.