lost your folding bike? MELB

anyone lost their vintage cecil walker folding bike??

there’s one resting against a wall near my work unlocked and looking slightly abandoned. awesome old school lighting system and looks in decent condition with cecil walker decals in good nick.

looks similar to the pic below.

if you think it’s yours, pm me with more info and i’ll collect it for ya.

so whats where my bike went!

hahaha. don’t you remember packing it with the hillman?? i thought i’d keep it quiet… then leave it outside my work and pretend i knew nothing about it.

noticed the dudes that own the business next to where it was sitting were checkin it out at lunchtime.

i kinda want it!

Would look good next to the Cannondale, Rolly :wink:

Lock it up and leave a note with just a phone number, wait it out for a couple of days and then take it.

this is a fantastic idea

and lyndon, i had nothing to do with the cannondale’s disappearance!! haha

bike is now locked with my mini d with a note.

i’ve also spoken to the people at the business it was sitting outside and they have no idea where it came from. the lady at the desk told me to just take it.

i’ll leave it for a few hours…

christmas pressie for the missus…SORTED

^ For the missus? I’d love to commute on that thing!

What did the note say?:


  • Love, The Ginger Ninja

i’ve got dibs on the saddle and the front rack!

not quite…

didn’t want your bike to get stolen, so call me and i’ll unlock it for you”…

my conscience is already tapping me on the shoulder.

tempted to hand it in to north melbourne cop shop and wait the 3 months for no one to claim it.

it weighs approximately 400000 kilos.

That’s correct officer, sky blue Cecil Walker folding bike, rear rack, black seat, weighs about 400000 kilos.

listen you!! haha

maybe i’ll alter it somehow/attach something to it so it’s super unique so you cheeky buggers don’t nab it in an elaborate heist

There’s a front rack?

i don’t remember saying anything about a front rack. or a rear for that matter.

who knows what it has apart from what i listed above… :wink:

haha yeh i need a front rack so it was just wishful thinking i guess, roly definitely did not mention a front rack to me :stuck_out_tongue:

ps i just realised; didn’t you give me your spare krypto key?? race is on

did i???

i have someone’s spare key, i thought it was yours. anyway there’s about 5 different keys for all the kryptos in the world, chances are it’ll work.


did i mention i’ve moved offices?!?!