Louis Vuitton Polo Bike

Saw this today, not sure how keen I’d be to actually thrash it though

Louis Vuitton Polo Bike | Highsnobiety.com

That chainring better be made of Adamantium. One wrong BB shot and it would be toast.

what is that frame? a fucking scrambler or some shit?
these things are always such an embarrassment.

I’d ride it, it’s classy enough.

I’ll stick with my ugly unfashionable bike

WTF is that??
Louis Pooton I say

Definitely one of the better 'fashion does fixie" bikes.

Jams, How can you tell what the frame is from two detail shots? welding looks clean enough so what’s the issue? Not everything needs lugs - its 2011 for crying out loud!

I wouldn’t ride it (because its LV) but that doesn’t necessarily mean its awful.

another article on the subject

Louis Vuitton Polo Bike shot for Intersection Magazine

I would ride it with matching LV print Aerospoke and Zipp Disc.

And those pedal straps look AMAZING!!! about time someone did them right!

well, i can’t ‘tell’, which is why i asked a question. the fact they don’t even mention the frame - brand, model, framebuilder, etc - implies that it’s a lower end frame. you’d think if they were serious about the project they might have gotten a decent OTP frame or a custom frame. they didn’t.
and so i call bullshit. because LVMH is meant to be some serious high-end shit and this clearly isn’t.

Asking a rhetorical question is not really asking a question is it?

Saw this today, not necessarily keen, but I’d actually thrash it

Introducing the $68 Louis Vuitton Condom | andPOP.com

do you know what a rhetorical question is?

I don’t think its me who is confused as to what a rhetorical question is. Maybe its time you took an refresher in English JAMS!

Here you go:Rhetorical question - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

kids! behave or i lock the thread… lets get back to complaining about this bike…

A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question posed for its persuasive effect without the expectation of a reply.

i was fully expecting an answer/debate on what the actual bike is. after some very un-thorough investigation it looks more like a Paké.
and considering your utter ignorance of my original response, i counter your Wikipedia link with my own link to an explanation of a strawman argument.

and the bike still sux.
/i’m out

This thread is done.