Love Weekends Hate Weekend Warriors

Just got back from my daily ride, morning and roadie this time usually night and thought i would mention my disgust for a group of riders (10) on yarra blvd who cut in front of me after coming off the bike track of all places, sat doing 25kph 4 wide in one place,

One then proceeded to mouth off at me because i had a vintage jersey on and not the full brunetti kit they were all wearing.
All i wanted to do was get past as I was traveling at a solid 38kpm and coming off 70km when asked what your problem was your alpha male leader mate on a tt bike decided to come up and block me in for a km and try to intimidate me, (you came so close to a smack in the mouth) then turn it on as he put it by doing 50 for about 500 meters,

Its knobs like you that give cycling and roadies a bad name. Plonkers.

My weekend was saved by a dude Hawthon track rider on another tt bike about 10 min later who told me to hook on to finish my ride, thanks for the chat and tow for 15km
Good luck in the masters.

Sorry about the rant but had to get this out of the system,

full brunetti kit

There’s your problem.

All you need to do is lean on them, muppets love that shit.

wow, this sucks man… I dont know how I could contain myself if this happened to me, Glad you kept your cool, its flipping out in a situation like this that could result in yourself landing in some big trouble.

they sound like real losers …

Degani’s is where it’s at, totally

Was that Pete, Stu or Tumbles in the Hawthorn kit?

I take everyone as a blank page and let their actions define them, not their jersey or bike.

matty is right. A good lean will freak out a weekend hack.

sounds like someone caught a ride on the V-train…