lovin U.S exchange rate.

93 cents U.S exchange rate at the moment? i hope it stays strong for a while, i just purchased a set of white b43’s for $300AUS express shipped to my door, i would prefer to support aussie sellers but geez. If your lookin for parts i would be taken advantage of it. :wink:


Just ordered a chrome messenger bag - Large .
160+10 USD convert to 184.29 AUD.
Scheduled Delivery: 30-October-2009

The dollar is crazy good at the moment! In a way I’m glad the dollar is so good, it keeps people interested in cycling, and there have been a lot of people winning from it at the moment.

But in a way I’m cringing, I’ve been one of the losers from the strong dollar. I’m finding it really hard to justify building wheels at the moment, when you can buy a set of wheels from overseas for cheaper than it costs me to build them (and I don’t blame you, I probably would too!). I started pushing my wheels on eBay just before the dollar became good, and business was good. Then the dollar became good, and you can now buy parts from overseas cheaper than bike shops can buy the same part themselves (In quite a lot of cases!) Oh well, you win some, you lose some, perhaps I’ll wait until the dollar becomes crap again until I build some more wheels.

ha nice i just bought my RUBINOS :smiley:

people’s interest fluctuates with the exchange rate?

Yes, because when they’re not out riding, they’re at home looking at all the stuff they can buy on Wiggle! :smiley:


Mate i really feel for you, i was really close to buying a pair of yours until i saw what you can get them for OS, i’m new to the fixed market but i know your price is really good compared to quotes from my local bike shops. Plus you have the added time and possible customs intervention with OS buying which can suck. I actually just looked at the paypal transaction and i only got 89c conversion might be on the way down already.

i to just purchased a really cheap pair of b43’s from ebay…thank you exchange rate

$820 USD = $882.86 AUD source xe.com

$820 USD = $912.74 AUD source paypal.com

$820 USD = $889.17 AUD source money.ninemsn.com.au

So yeah paypal pockets nearly 3c to the dollar.

Oh well my orders still under a $1000 AUD either way.

exchange rate is awesome. I just wish some sellers knew how to efficiently send their item at a reasonable price to Australia…

I don’t hunk it’s going to stop. I was speaking to a man who wears asuit during the day and is heavily evolved with trying to screw other peoe out oft
their money and he told me that the aus dollar would hit us 1.20 in the next 8 months. Shit is gonna be crazy mang.

$1.20 :-o man the yanks will be buyin all our parts then.

Yeah, like velocitys

Just think about this for a second…

yeh, samuel is right.

dexif: you’re doing it wrong.