low bux crux

I am pretty pleased with the outcome of my latest build.

'04 specialized Hardrock comp alloy MTB frame from junk room at LBS i help in occasionally. Masked and painted by me to rid it of garish MTB transfers. Ditto the mosso fork from 'bay.
Shimergo 8 speed ( all shimano down the back - record 10 speed shifter on r/h. L/h shifter gutted as 1 x8).
bb7 road F & R. Needed discs as MTB canti lugs in ‘wrong’ spot. Woulda looked funny disc rear/canti front!
Everything else from my junk pile. 10.2 kg as pictured. meh.

Big up to my mate Larfinboy for loaning me the wheels whilst i build mine. And Squid for chainring/disc rack and stem donation. Also Peter at International cycles for frame.
Only done 20 km’s so far…dialled rear mech and trying to bed in discs. Feelsgoodman.
Will be my commuter/CX race bike for '13 then sold to finance another holiday build.

A MTB frame. Road components. For some unknown reason I’d never even contemplated such a thing.

I rekon its awesome. Will keep an eye out for it and you!

So are they 26" wheels

700c, which is why the canti posts are in the wrong spot.

Fark, that’s rad.
Never thought of that.

Awesome!! Fun too :wink:

Cross tyres would be dope

^^pics are misleading… them be 35mm kojaks.

Needs moar post.

Just kidding, looks like an ugly duckling of a bike but has a certain wack appeal.

Good work G Man.

Well,… after my ugly jibe, I had a short little pootle on this beast today. Despite the seemingly long post length and funny looks it’s actually a very well balanced and poised beast. Felt way more comfy in the drops than the hoods which is a good sign from my perspective. Testament to what can be done on a budget that will match it with the fancier OTR bikes.

Nice work, digging it. Saving your money to spend it on Rocky?

^^ not much monies around anyhow. Uni’ and 3 kids on 1 wage. Total build just over 300 clams (not including ergos and flite from stock).
Only really planning on spending similar amount on Rocky2. Doesn’t mean i can’t make something cool though.

Any updates? Hows it riding? Thinking of doing something similar with my old mtb I can’t seem to sell…

Just changed cluster to 11-30 in better nick than old 11-32…both S/H.
Changed stem to 110mm might even go shorter and flatter.
Probably like to make it a bit lighter at some stage…external bb/ nicer cranks first methinks.

Considering all the things that have been changed - rake/trail/offset/ride height/bb height,etc this frankenbike rides as well as just about anything in my stable. 44 gear inches made short work of Sheoak road (20% + grade for interstaters) and just enough pedal for down Greenhill. Disc brake modulation has to be experienced to be believed. Farrrk.

^^What sort of frame you thinking of doing it to? Look it up and get some specs so you can work this shit out beforehand as i did.

Its just an old Norco framed bike I have. Already has the same Mosso fork. Will measure it up compared to my road bike over the weekend, see how viable it is.

Main things holding me back are the cost of wheels & brifters.

Just ask around. Here/other forums/riding buds. Almost half this bike has been donated or scrounged from the junkpile at LBS.
Also, I spent heaps of time back and forth finding the absolute cheapest prices online. $300 price includes my as yet unbuilt wheels!