Low cost forks

Hey guys, so thanks to a local driver I’m down a few days consciousness, down a wheel and forkset, and up a few plates in my jaw. Is there a set of cheap forks out there that are head and shoulders above other entry level stuff?
I might even go through with my desire to go all vintagey and get a threaded fork…

And please forgive me not searching properly, there is little to do in this hospital that doesn’t involve crazy old men and they won’t let me home yet.

What frame, wheelsize, discipline? There’s cheap forks, but they’re heavy and flexy. Sounds like it’d be worth having your frame checked for straightness if you were banged up that bad: commiserations! It might not track well if it’s bent. What about something by Surly or On-one?

Ahh sorry, fuji classic track, 700c, just plain riding with a few curbs being tackled. And yeah that’s the plan, I still haven’t actually Seen the poor girl except in photos yet, so hoping she fared better than me…

Soma forks are really good for this sort of thing - 1 and 1 1/8" steerers, black or chrome, drilled for brake, nice lugged crown. I use them for classic bikes to replace bent forks.

  • Joel

Fuck the forks, hope you get better soon dude it’s good it was not more serious.

which hospital you in?

are you in melb? if so, check out abbotsford cycles or spoke(n).
and yes, soma forks are good. get em online, not from a LBS
also, hope you heal ok