Lower back pain on longer rides

Hi Guys,

I’m planning on doing 210km in the annual ‘around the bay in a day’ ride on my fixed gear, so have been doing about 200 - 300km per week in preparation for it.

On Saturday I rode to from Port Melbourne to Frankston and back (approx 86km). The way down was fine and I was completely comfortable, averaging 35km per hour. On the way back I had to stop 2 times and stretch out my lower back as I was in soo much pain!

I’m wondering if this is most likely caused by my seat height and stem length or something else ?

Can anyone recommend anyone in the Melbourne, preferably Port Melbourne/St.Kilda area to visit for a fitting ?




What Brendan said - see a professional.

BUT be wary of making any radical position changes in the week before a big ride like the ATB - bodies take time to adapt, even to constructive changes. You might do yourself more harm than good if you go out too long too hard too soon in a brand new possie.

my $0.02

find a bike shop with a wizened old bike wizard that can tell you if your position is shonky.

i’d be surprised if you’d find the answer on the net, and a physio isn’t going to tell you that you’ve got the saddle angle wrong/ stem too long/ frame too small etc etc.
also, what the captain said, he may even be a wizened old bike wizard himself.

Honestly, get a body geometry bike fit from Simon at Total Rush. He goes to Specialized HQ in the US every year to be trained, the same guys that refine Cancellara’s postion.

Don’t be scared to take your fixed in either, I’ve seen him fit up tandems before.

The first issue is to get the correct geometry fit, but the second is for your body to be used to being in the saddle for hours on end. This only comes with time.

If you haven’t ridden 200+ kms in one go before you are going to get a sore back to some degree if you’re riding in drop bars, especially on a modern aggressively positioned road bike.