Does anyone have a highly recommended lube they use? I’ve been rocking my bottle of White Lightning that I also use on my mountain bike, but it’s picking up dirt really really fast when I’m riding on the street.

I know dirt-free lube is unavoidable, but I’m just wondering if there’s anything out there that wont leave my drivetrain black and gritty after half an hour on the road.

Recommend away!


yep, prolink.

Tri-flow or Boeshield, Pedros Ice wax for winter.

KY Jel…oh wait, bikes right? sorry wrong type of ride…

triflow, carefully wiped completely as much as i can.
it’s excess lube that attracts grime.
tri has good penetration and if it’s wiped properly won’t get too dirty.

does anyone know of a replacement grease?
i used to use this stuff on moto chains that you had to heat on a stove. they stopped making it years ago but it acted the way the original packing grease does.
best stuff ever.
looking for a cycling equivalent.

for everything else, wet stuff. waterbased, non drying, good for all occasions.

Prolink (3rd nomination)

Why, you ask?

It’s a light oil with (I assume synthetic additives). I use it on the fixie and the mtbs. It does wash out of the chain, so requires regular reapplication if you do a lot of riding in the wet, however, it’s main advantage is:

It’s Easy to apply and more importantly - it’s easy to clean off, which is great as it allows you to wipe your chain clean rather than having to degrease it (like thicker, more ‘clingy’ lubes that attract a lot of crap). Because of this, I’ve found that by regularly wiping-down and relubing with Prolink (say weekly or more often, depending on conditions), I can push-out my degreasing interval to three-four times longer than with other lubes.


totally unrelated but I saw a sticker on a Vespa today that said “My other ride is your Mother”.

There is a T-shirt shop at the top of bridge rd (near hoodle st) that has t-shirts with a bike and that slogan!

Thanks for all the replies guys.

Cheers for the reasons mj, I think you’ve convinced me. The next bottle will be Prolink.

No argument with prolink, used it for years but I’ve lately been seduced by Rock & Roll lube. Has less affinity for sand than prolink.

Oh I forgot to give my recommendation: Singer sewing machine oil.

Chainsaw oil mixed with a solvent (like metho). Cuts down the viscosity so it seeps right into the chain. Metho evaporates leaving your chain well penetrated. And by that I mean well lubed.

Tri-flo is also good.


… with MFR technology :wink: