Lugless runabout

Now I know you’re all lug-lovers out there, but you may still enjoy.

What started out as a wheelset upgrade for my converted Paconi turned into a bit more… Some bits did come across; Bars, brake lever, cranks, BB & cog.
This bike is mainly my commuter but I also like to ride it with my geared friends on weekends. Shit! I’m going to have to lock it up now at the Supermarket now.

Parts list for those that care;

56cm EAI Bare Knuckle frame & fork
Campagnolo 1 1/8 Record threadless headset (that may soon be a Chris King)
Mavic Open Pro CD’s laced onto Surly News (32h front & back, fix/free)
Rolling on Conti Gatorskins
Surly cog, Dura-Ace lockring (usually 18t sometimes 17t)
Shimano Sora cranks with TA Alize 46t chainring spinning on a UN73 BB
Crank Bro eggbeater sl’s
Whipperman Whitestar chain
Campagnolo Centaur seatpost
Selle Italia Flite Gel Ti saddle
Oval Concepts stem
Nashbar bars

More pix on Flickr if you want to take a closer look.

That’s nice.

I reckon Roguedubb will like this one.

Did you get the frame sent from USA?

Ya. Ended up being a bit of an epic but got there in the end. The shop tried USPS but they said piss off coz the box was too big. So it ended up coming via UPS which jacked up the cost a bit more. Still ended up cheaper than a locally made tig rig, which was a shame coz I wanted to go local but I couldn’t affort it. Maybe the next one :slight_smile:

Whats a rough cost including postage for one of these bad boys?


Twoz 1200AUS

Is that for frame and fork only?

Ya, ooo & the headset

$1200 would get you a fillet-brazed frame and fork with your choice of paint colour in Australia? TIG’ed frame and fork - about $200 less.

None of the quotes or prices from AUS sites that I saw were close to this.
They where all around the pricing you see on the Hillbrick site. Give or take a few hundred dollars.
I nearly went with Thylacine who have a long waiting list & would have burst my bank. Though I had asked for some extra’s. Still, the base price was more than 1200.

I thought Cecil Walker did a basic 531 or 853 frame and fork for about that price?


They do

Not too sure of the quality of the CW frames, I’ve heard both good and bad. The good generally related to older, pre 90’s frames.

I’ve heard more bad than good. I’ve also had a respray through them which was shit. So I stay clear of-em.

I’ve heard more bad than good. I’ve also had a respray through them which was shit. So I stay clear of-em.[/quote]

The frame they built for me was generally good quality, but they didn’t do exactly what I wanted and of course by the time they’d built and painted it, it was far too late.

It turned out later on that they hadn’t faced the head tube either but I’d expect that to be the shop’s responsibility, not the frame builder.

For those who don’t know, CW frames (as well as some other ‘brands’) are built by Paconi.

One word… lew-hell-en.

I own a frame built by Paconi. It’s sound, fairly straight, but nothing special - ugly welding, non-descript paint job. I also had a quote from them for a Steel track frame about 2 years ago for around $1300 (through a reseller) - made with higher spec’d tubing than the Bareknuckle, and with paint choice/options/decals etc. So I’m sure a single colour, no-thrills TIG frame can be had in Oz for $1200.

… and head-tube facing and reaming is definitely the builders responsibility - not a shops.

OK. I was thinking that whoever installs the headset and fork should at least check that the HT ends are actually parallel.

CW failed to do that in my case. Even when I pointed out to them twice that the headset didn’t seem to sit straight, they gave it a cursory glance and said it was supposed to be like that.

I was less knowledgeable back then so I took their word for it.

I’d agree with this one,

Is there any way to tell if this has been done to your frame other than get someone to do it again for you or a headset that continues to loosen it self?

Does anyone know where I can get this done relatively cheaply in melbourne. Last time I had it done, it damn near cost over $150!!

make friends with a shop. Develop a relationship. Shit like frameprep should come with a frame. I would expect a free frame prep run-over with any frame I buy from a shop. If you buy it direct from the builder, same goes. Some will ream and face the headtube, and face the BB shell, on a lathe before building, and some after, and some never. Make sure it’s part of the deal before you agree to buy a frame (production or custom).

  • Joel

Very nice. I like the Bareknuckles.


OK. I was thinking that whoever installs the headset and fork should at least check that the HT ends are actually parallel.[/quote]

Yeah, that’s the only thing that’s pissed me off about the whole thing. If they weren’t going to do the headset properly, then they should have left it in it’s box & I could have had it done here. It’s currently in @ the LSB, hope to pick it up this arvo.
Apart from that, the 3 days that I have ridden have been HOT!