Lugless runabout

Jaywoo mentioned it came with a headset…how can this be installed if the headtube hasn’t been faced and reamed? If it wasn’t faced and reamed by the fabricators, the frame cannot have been checked for alignment post welding properly!

I would not leave this up to a shop. One mistake and they’ve blanked your frame! Generally the hand cutting tools in shops are not as rigid as lathes etc. and the handtools are only meant for removing very small amounts of material - otherwise it will overcut.

The shop’s responsibility should be cleaning threads and the insides of headtubes and seatubes etc (ie to remove any paint overspray etc).

I’m talking about for a new frame here - not when replacing headsets/BBs etc.

When I finally convinced them something wasn’t right, they sent the frame back to Paconi who presumably faced the HT.

I don’t know whether CW or Paconi put the fork and headset back on but I suspect it was Paconi. Anyway, whoever it was didn’t even bother to clean all the metal shavings out of the headtube so I had to pull the whole thing apart again anyway to finish the job properly.

The moral of the story is - if you want it done properly, learn how to do it yourself.

It’s a shame that most bike shops I’ve experienced are either incompetent or lazy.

If your a patient person, you know where to go to!

That’s a bit harsh. Plenty of stores are both incompetent and lazy.

Agreed. It’s just a pity that reaming and facing tools cost a few hundred each. By the time you’ve got one for BBs, one for headtubes and one for seattubes, you could have added a bike to your collection, and a pretty nice one at that.


They most probably didnt know until it was 3/4’s in. Then, too late she cried, as she waved her wooden headset press.

HT’s should be faced twice i think; once pre-building frame for jig accuracy. and again post-paint or whatever.

I’d agree with this one - possibly for the BB as well.

Spud, what does it cost to get done at Shifter?


I prefer Frezoni (Joe Cosgrove). He paints Darryl’s frames anyway and you don’t get the attitude with it.


I spoke to Darryl the other day, trying to track down some original Hoffy decals (He learnt to build bikes in the Hoffy shop). Were you refering to him? I didn’t get any attitude from him at all.

I’d agree with this one - possibly for the BB as well.

Spud, what does it cost to get done at Shifter?


Lats, im not too sure. I rock the spanners not the till, y’know :smiley:

I just had the headtube of my Hillman faced at St Kilda Cycles for $25… the headset seems to play the game of staying tight a little better now, so I presume that they did an OK job. And no attitude. They were recommended to me by yeeehaaar/Pete.