Lupine may recognise this...

Finally got it to a point where I’m happy with it :slight_smile:

Arch! Mine eyez!

Sorry but the mustard frame clashing with the yellow fork would bug me so much I think I’d have some sort of brain aneurism.
But in my defense I had to live in a house with that same colour scheme for 2 years and I think it did something to me, I’ve haven’t been right since, But the rent was only $50 a week.

Other wise nice :smiley:

What’s the go with those straps? I’ve not seen ones that go across the pedal as well as front-to-back.

Power Grips

I like to think of it as complementary yellows :slight_smile:

It wears Candys if I’m intending to go far, fast or steep. Powergrips are OK but coming from a clipless background I’m not that impressed, esp when I’m climbing. Plus I’ve crossthreaded a strap restraining bolt already, but that may be due to my mechanical ineptness.

Cheers for the link snowflake.

How do they go in comparison to clips & straps? You’d get a fair bit of side-to-side movement wouldn’t you?

Maybe Dogtank can give us a review.

I’ve never used them myself but I’ve always been a bit curious about them. They seem to be reasonably popular in the US. I’ve never seen them for sale here.

I’ve never used conventional straps - just flats & clipless as I’m from an MTB background, so not sure if I can review them meaningfully. Anyway -

The straps come as a set along with a mount that you bolt on to the front of the pedals (where you would usually bolt your clips). They apparently fit on most strap-compatible pedals, or you can get powerstrap specific pedals. I’m using sylvans. If the pedal has a groove on the back side and not holes then you need extra washers to get a decent mount.

The attachment on the back of the pedal is fixed, the front mount lets you slide the strap in & out so you can vary the ‘flap’ on the strap. I’ve got size 8 (UK) feet so used a standard length strap - if you’ve got size 10 or above be careful as you may need extra long straps. You need to fiddle around with strap length to match your shoe size, so you tend to set them up for one shoe only. You can’t tighten them by hand - you need an allen key.

The front strap mount is the weak link IMO - I’ve threaded one bolt trying to secure the strap (although that may be me being crap).

Getting into them is easy - angle your foot slightly sideways and push into the strap, then bring your heel in to ‘lock’ the foot. If you have the straps tight you may need to ‘worm’ your foot in to get a decent feeling connection. My feet feel a bit off to one side, overhanging the outer edge of the pedal, but I’m still messing around with setup. Getting out is easier - just push your heel out and your foot back. I’ve had no panicky ‘stuck’ moments but I’m used to crank bros so that movement is instinctive.

They lock you in securely but not firmly - you won’t lose your pedals but you don’t get the security of clipless. Climbing is hard for me as I point my toe and pull up on my trailing foot and you can’t do that - conventional strap users probably wouldn’t have this issue.

Once I get the strap mount fixed I’d be happy to use them for ‘casual’ riding but if I wanted to go anywhere far, fast or with climbing I’d put my candies on.

Hope this helps - Mike

A friend was selling it - I couldn’t help myself…

face meet pavement, pavement meet face.

Sorry dude thats two critical things I’ve said. I do think those wheels look sweet. If I had the beans I’d by a aerospoke for the back of my ride. (or for my soon to be new red ride)