is a post in here worth more than a post in other threads on the postometer?

no, but you get more scene points.

i do agree that, starting out, this site can be a little intimidating. A tendency to assume a new forum member is a bike n00b annoyed me a bit at first, i suppose because i wasnt. That being said, most new members are noobs so perhaps its justified. But now i love it here. I heart you all. :smiley:

I was a lurker yesterday, but only cause I couldn’t be f-ed logging in at home.

Where were all you ‘top 30’ posters 3 years ago…

not sure if you’d call what would result from actually doing this friends (initially)… but you’d get my vote for biggest splash on the forum.

oh and fwiw, my answer to the question is ‘yes, but only if you tow me along on the flats’ :smiley:

Has anyone actually looked at the members pages? It’s actually quite interesting; Shifterbikes has an account, and NickJ had to wait five months before anyone else joined…do you think he just replied to himself? (Is NickJ really sailing across the Pacific?)

It’s also interesting that the majority of members have a zero or very low post count, so if you join, but don’t post, are you still a lurker?

Yes, he’s in Samoa now.

i lurked for months before joining. and answered all my daft noob q’s by reading and learning The internet makes it pretty easy to learn that sorta stuff

yeah, i lurked for a month or so before joining, and it took a month or so to find this forum i reckon, i was joined here before i had a bike, i figure most of the members never actually got fixed hear bikes, but joined in anticipation.
i went and searched to see if i could find my first post to see how stupid it was, can’t find it, but i did find a picture of my bike as it was in 06/07, i’m thinking it looked pretty good, though it’s had a lot of km’s/crashes put on it since then. i still have a huge soft spot for that crazy cinelli bartape, gone through 3 or 4 rolls now.

“hai guyz, I’m building up a sweet new fixie… what bike size should I get?”

Sheldon has all the answers.

we were all noobs once…

scene but not herd…

The other problem is the noobs that come up chasing the For Sale stuff and then reneg when it comes time to pay. It’s happened to me on at least half the stuff I’ve ever put up here. :evil:

A lifetime ban would be suitable.

Another (non-cycling related) forum I participate in imposes a 50 post minimum before a member can post in the for sale section (doesn’t stop people pumping their post count but it’s not that kind of crowd anyway) OR a make a cash payment/donation to help with web hosting costs to post earlier.

Just as Nexus has had buyers renege, I’ve had sellers do the same. It’s a bit of a piss-off.

i know with (rotorburn now) you have to have a post count of 5 (mind you one liners are NOT counted, they must be decent posts) and aswell as that you must send a decent paragraph to admin stating why you are eligible to submit in the trading section. filters out alot of spam imo.

I confess. I’m a Lurk. I post also. I generally dont have much to say other than what someone has already posted. If I have questions- I ask. If I think of something usefull to contribute- I do. I dont think having a low post count is nessesarily a bad thing, but it does annoy me when people sign up just to post in the for sale section.

My 2c

i’m a lurker.

i also lurk

Nah… lurkers don’t advertise their own blogs.

no, i am a lurker.