Lygon st crits tonight.

Hey guys I was going to head down to the end of the sun tour tonight at six. I think it could be pretty fun. Possibly buy some cheap as shit parts from the pros. Was wondering if anyone else was going?

i’ll be there. there were sweet deals to be had last year. this year i’ll be prepared…

what kinda deals are we talking here?

Rapha’s shimano dura ace deep dish clinchers for $600 with cassette. For sale on lygon st this arvi

Rapha Condor full bike with dura ace clinchers, dura ace 7900 for $3250. On lygon st this arvo. 55cm

yeah, i’m planning to head down, and catch the last half hour or so. is it standard practice to sell off the team gear at the end of the season? seems non-pro like

apparently it is. i don’t mind. papa needs some new legwarmers / compression tights…

Holy shit i’m hauling my proverbial ass there!

Where did you read this? :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

cyclingtips twitter. see, it is good for something (i have no idea what the stock retail price of either of those items is…)

Basically it’s the tradition at the end of the sun tour the teams sell their shit for ridiculous prices. I think it’s from when cycling teams at that level didn’t have a lot of money.All the teams will be selling most of their things so I’m definitly heading down. I think the crit will be lots of fun aswell.

Race was kind of a let down was good to see all the purty bikes though. Wiggins was a monster however sat up at the end. He should have gone for the win. Still can think of lots of worse things to do on a day like today. Should have gone to the racing carnival :evil:

Anyone score some good stuff?

Garmin Zipp 808’s with Powertap hub $1500 (rrp $4300), only done HeraldSun Tour.

Happy days, if only I had enough coin to buy two sets and put one on eBay.

:-o :-o :-o

Had a mate of mine pick up a brand new (spares on team car) pair of Zipp 404’s from Jelly Belly for $1350.

Garmin were selling EVERYTHING. The Powertap 808’s were $2000 earlier and standard Zipp 808’s for $1550. We just went over after we’d packed up the TR tent and made an offer when everybody else had left.

End of the season. The don’t want to take it home cause they won’t use it next year.

I just can’t believe how crazy the punters go for all the kit though, even smelly kit straight off the guys back from racing.

I’m just spewin we missed out on the remaining BOXES of Jelly Belly beans, someone snagged em before we got there for free.

:cry: Now I really regret not going!

bloke i know from the shop i work at bought 3 of the pro’s bikes and four sets of shallow section dura ace wheels. Set him back a cool 10 grand…cash. I admire that man for his blind consumerism.

I live on rathdowne st, so this just happened down the road from me. Was nice to go perv on some awesome bikes, and I love the sound of brakes on those carbon fiber wheels while I was at the hair pin at the bottom of rathdowne.

Do you really need another deeper set of Zipps heatseeker? :evil:

Great deal though. Obviously not everybody is going to walk up to a market stall and spend $1500.00 in one hit!

VM’s pics of the event for those that couldn’t make it…