Lygon st dooring

had a few ppl get in touch with me today making sure I wasn’t the 27yr old admitted to hospital last night with serious head injuries. apparently he got doored about 7.15pm and I heard from 1 person he was also hit by a passing car.

really not good.

seriously hope it’s no one from here and thoughts are with the rider.

ride safe guys & gals

My boss said he died, idk anything else. Got hit by a car after he got doored.

According to the following news article, the cyclist in question is in a serious yet stable condition:

Cyclist run down after collision with car door

… oh, and Lygon Street is a hole.

I think I rode up or down lygon st once, is it a fairly busy street leading straight into the city lined with shops?
I was soooooo hungover and I had really wet shoes, shit sucked hard.

Yep south end of Lygon is an ass, me and Matt (user mnml) were almost doored on Bay st a few weeks back, by a car on our right in the traffic lane. So close… So be aware all sides and ride safe. I ride as if all car doors will open at any minute, it’s too dangerous to blase on some roads
EDIT: This was in Brunswick East.

it is a shitty road to ride on - i suggest taking the lane and ignoring the beeping. stay out of the door zone, folks!

excellent advice. best defense is a good offense.

Lygon is now in my daily commute… ughhhhh

take rathdowne!

Man, with Rathdowne and Canning so close, why the fuck would you ever ride Lygon?

And I’m with brendan, if I EVER ride Lygon, it’s in the right lane. Like a mad cvnt.

Also, sorry, this is seriously shit news. I really fucking hope the person is going to be all good.

I work on Lygon and commute every day but never ever ride on it. It is shizen even in the lane

How many cyclists have to die/get seriously injured before Vic Roads starts to plan out cycle lanes sensibly? Obviously they realize this is an something of an issue with a number of cycle lanes having been significantly widened recently; however on the vast majority of busy roads they still exist exclusively in door zones. These kind of cycle lanes are more dangerous than had they not been there in the first place. :frowning:

According to the article, the 2nd car stopped to help. What happened with the car that hit him?

I hope he gets out of this ok and the cops do something about the c@nt that threw the door open!

I’m guessing it was parked, and didn’t move.
…but the way the article is written, does leave it open to interpretation

edit- also, honda civic driver, obviously a cock

The area this guy was riding on is after Canning and Rathdowne stop. So his other real alternatives are Nicholson and Sydney Rd. All roads are crap really.
But yeah south of brunswick rd, Lygon is last resort.

i got doored on lygon st ages ago. i haven’t ridden that stretch of road ever since. so many better options.

Between Victoria St and Grattan St is notorious for dangerous and aggressive drivers exceeding the speed limit (40km p/hr). Factor in off-street car parking, absence of a bike lane – it’s a death trap within a death trap.

this is terrible. it’d be nice to think the honda driver gets some recriminations for his/her neglect.
hope the cyclist gets out ok.

I drove on Lygon st yesterday, I’m steering away from that hole of a place both car and bike.

I wrote a letter to The Age about this incident, criticising the poor design of having bike lanes within the door zone. Just got a phone call from the editor of said paper, saying she’s been bike commuting for 25 years, and just recently had a car-dooring as her first collision with a car. She was quite excited by my letter. :smiley: