Lynksy Cooper CX - Disc

So I picked her up this morning, really happy with Andy and Nick @bikepro and how this was setup, they really went the extra mile with this, did two fittings, they listened, checked, refitted, rechecked, and listened some more, provided feedback and most importantly they made sure I was 100% happy. They even did some product upgrades for no extra charge as they were short of the usual parts.

She’ll handle anything I can throw at it, and beg for more. She ain’t the lightest, but at just under 10kgs she’s no slouch either.

3T cockpit
Champione CrMo Cyclo cross disc Fork
FSA orbit X headset
Lizardgrip tape
Mavic TN 719 rims
Sram MTH 506 hubs
Sram Apex gruppo, compact
Conti gators 28mm
Prologo Ti scratch Saddle
Thompson Elite Setback
CB eggs, Ti
Avid BB7 Road Disc

I don’t know CX but I know what I like. Me likes :o


Nice, but it needs some knobbly tyres.

yeah I’ve got some conti speed for knobby requirements.

That’s a pretty aggressive looking cx build

built this up with a few missions in mind as she’s replacing two bikes, commuter, wet day roady, CX. She’s in road mode here. Just lashed out and bought some farsports cx wheels; 50mm rim, novatech disc hubs, sapim delta spokes. Want to get some woundup carbon disc forks soon.

Looks really tidy.

Sure you want to go wound up? I like the look of the bladed forks a lot more. Personal i suppose.
Many more options in that category too: 3T luteus, whisky parts no7, kinesis cxd or enve disc forks. Or cheap and cheerful kinesis dc37 carbon disc.

thanks Jelmer. 3T luteus, whisky parts no7, enve disc forks are all tapered. I need straight which leaves me with either kinesis and woundup.

I’ve just read really good things about woundup. I also prefer bladed, but I’m limited in straight steerer options.

Whisky #5, straight alloy steerer & disc.

Pretty much no such thing as a full carbon non tapered disc fork. For good reason.

stupid question is 1.125 steerer OD same as 1-1/8"?

what’s 1 divided by 8?

all the gear and no idea. :rolleyes:

told you it was stupid. yeah so I could get the whisky fork as well.

Whisky $350 USD, 690grams
Kinesis $156 AUD, 635grams
Woundup $495 USD, 650grams

Argh yes, didn’t think about tapered/non-tapered. I’ve got the straight Kinesis fork on my cx bike. Have thrown lots of abuse at it.
DDCX, sycacross, that other cross series last year, two dirty gran fondo’s, gravel grinders etc.

Folded a front rim in half, dented another. Fork is still going strong.

is it 3?

I bet it’s 3.

it’s 3 isn’t it…?

Go home rolly you’re drunk.

I knew it was 3.

added some crabon…

Really nice. Is the weight still about the same with those wheels and tyres?

Novatec hubs are good too - underrated I reckon.

saved over a kilo with the new wheels. really excited to try them out. fork next…