That’s potentially basically sensational. Dude where you find this gizz.

Show in sydney octoberish???

could worth the effort!

… Hey nan, you got room???

AMAZING…I watched it four times, then saved it so I can watch it later. backward-hopping circles, crazy skids everywhere, flying through traffic…LOVED IT!!!


Boy, that video makes me feel like a poser.

It’s good.

Whats funny for me is its guys Ive worked with/raced against/rode drunk with. My good friend Justin smashes his arm doing a wall ride - not on the trailer… then weeks later smashed his hip (hit by car)


I found out about it through the BFF and it’ll be playing at the BFF in Sydney.

I quite liked the no-handed skid while lighting a cigarette. Too cool.

Not that smoking is anything resembling cool…

  • Joel

It’s my personal fave too and I only smoke rubber - the rider (James) and I rode the track in SF. I think he’s even got an original ‘made in SF’ TC shirt.

I can’t wait to see the feature length!

Does anyone know when this will finally come out fo rmainstream release?